Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair

Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair is no longer available. Please check out all Apex Massage Chairs, All Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair

The Apex AP-Pro Regent is the flagship massage chair from Apex. Equipped with the latest innovations in massage chair technology and engineered by the top Japanese designers in the industry, this massage is one of the top. Special features like 4D massage technology, heat blanket, heated feet, following arm massager, and more.

Apex AP-Pro Regent Special Features

4D Real Massage Technology

The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair is equipped with 4D massage technology that is able to protrude the massage roller 3.5 inches. This will result in a deep tissue massage that will loosen the muscle fibers and soothe tension like the actual hands of a massage therapist. There are 5 levels of intensity to customize to your preference.

Blanket Heat

A typical massage chair typically only provides heat in a small area of the backrest. The blanket heat of the Apex Regent is designed to not only provide heat to your back, but also the front portion of your torso. The surface area is 60% greater than conventional lumbar heat. There are even pockets to warm your hands.

Heated Foot Massager

There are heating element located in the bottom of the footrest of the Apex AP-Pro Regent Massage Chair. This is to apply a soothing heat to the bridge and balls of your feet. For people who spend a lot of time on their feet, this is a must have feature to relive that tension and pain that build up through the day.

Following Arm Massagers

In many massage chairs, when you go into the recline position, your arms will typically call away from their massage position. The Apex AP-Pro Regent armrest has an incorporated track to help follow your arms as the massage chair goes into a recline position. This will allow you to enjoy an arm and hand massage no matter what position you are in.

Fold Away Ottoman

The ottoman of the Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair can double as a functional foot rest. While not in use, the calve and foot massager portion flips around and hides inside the massage chair. At the touch of a button, it can flip out and be a functional massager.

MP3 Player

Built into the headrest of the Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair are quality speakers. Just plug up your favorite music player and enjoy your favorite music or playlists to further escape into your massage.

On Demand Key Pad

Flush mounted on both sides of the Apex Regent at the end of the arm massagers are buttons that allows you to control the music volume, recline angle, and the back massage roller position. Control is at your fingertips!

Adjustable Leg Extension

The foot rest can extend out an additional 6.25 inches to accommodate the taller user. Simply sit in the chair and be sure the buttock is firm press against the backrest. Then gently press down on the foot portion which will then extend. The chair can handle a user up to 6ft 4in.

Apex AP-Pro Regent Features

Accurate Body Scanning

Using optical sensors and state of the art computing technologies, the Apex Pro Regent can automatically read the curves of your back detecting its length, shape, and depth. This technology will map out your back with accuracy based on your body type and key pressure points. This will allow the massage chair to make adjustments to give you a customized massage that is tailored to you.

Next Generation Air Compression Massage

The Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair comes equipped with 31 airbags placed throughout. Apex was able to reduce the number of airbags, which will minimize the amount of mechanical wear and tear on the massage chair, without sacrificing the high-end massage experience. While reducing the number of airbags, they were able to keep the same surface area coverage by increasing the size of them.

Upper Shoulder Pressure Massage

The massage rollers squeeze the neck in a grabbing fashion and then roll up and down the neck muscles, and then push down on the trapezius muscle to help relive where many people carry the most tension.

Pulse Air Massage System

The air pulse massage of the Apex AP-Pro Regent holds and release at quickly which helps to promotes blood circulation while it also stimulates the muscle fibers.

Auto Massage Programs

There are 11 pre-programmed massages from you to choose from at the touch of a button: refresh, relax, shiatsu, morning, night, stretch, energize, shoulder, lower back, quick, and music. Each offers their own benefits, and we recommend trying them all out to find out which programs are best for you. The music program will allow you to synchronize your massage experience to your music.

Manual Massage Programs

You can customize your massage experience of the Apex AP-Pro Regent massage chair further by choosing one of nine different massage techniques: Kneading, Tapping, Rhythm Tapping, Kneading and Tapping, Shiatsu, Rubbing, Rolling, Sideways Kneading, and Up and Down Kneading. You can setup a full body massage or just focus on one particular area.

Memory Capability

There are 3 memory settings where you can save your favorite massage programs for future use. If you have a favorite combination of massage programs running at one time, you can now put it into memory without the hassle of programming it every time. This is a feature that is not very common but is extremely useful.

Deep-Spot Function

Ever wish you had a button that could put an extra deep massage in the area where the massage roller currently is working? Well, now you can! When the desired sore spot is reached, just hit the Deep Spot button for some extra intensity.

Apex AP-Pro Regent Additional Features

  • 4D real massage technology with 5 levels of intensity settings.
  • Blanket heat for your shoulders and chest
  • Heated Foot Massager
  • Following arm rests as you recline or go into the zero gravity position.
  • Body scan technology using optical sensors to accurately scan your body to customize the roller to your body.
  • Next generation air compression massage with 31 airbags.
  • Upper shoulder pressure massage to relieve pain and tension
  • 11 Automatic Programs to chose from.
  • 9 Different massage techniques available to choose from.
  • 3 Memory Settings to save your favorite custom massage programs.
  • Deep Spot Function for extra attention to sore spots or areas of extreme tension.
  • Fold Away Ottoman to double as a recliner in your home.
  • MP3 player with speakers built into the head rest to enjoy your favorite music during your massage
  • On Demand keypad at your finger tips to give you instant control over your music volume, recline angle, and the massage roller position.