Elite Robo Pad Massage Chair

Elite Robo Pad Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Elite Robo Pad massage chair is no longer available. Please check out All Massage Chairs, or check out or updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Elite Robo Pad Massage Chair

The Elite Robo Pad massage chair comes with tons of features that will benefit anyone with almost any body size. Designed and built for the American market, the Robo Pad is one of the strongest massage chairs available today. If you are looking for a deep tissue massage, look no further. The Robo Pad is equipped with 3D technology with S-Track and Quad rollers, 35.5in extra long track, 3D body mapping, Bluetooth connectivity with App, 69 Airbags and more.

Features of the Elite Robo Pad

3D Roller Technology with true3D®

The massage roller of the Elite Robo Pad massage chair can travel not only up and down, but in and out. Utilizing a 3D armature instead of airbags, the massage roller is able to extend outward up to 4.7in for a true deep tissue massage.

35.5in S-Track Technology

With an industry leading 35.5in length S-Track, the Elite Robo Pad is capable of reaching from the base of the seat all the way to your ears. The S-track will follow the curvature of your back to ensure an even massage along your entire back leaving no spot untouched.

Quad Roller Back Massage System

Four rollers simulate the hands of a massage therapist, with kneading, tapping and rolling functions. The Quad Roller system provides greater coverage of your back and a much more lifelike massage, particularly with the grasping motion distinct to the Elite Robo-Pad, which creates a truly lifelike massage of the shoulders to relieve tension and stress.

Over the Shoulder Grasping

The Elite Robo Pad massage arms extend 4.7″ at 78° for the ultimate in fully adjustable deep tissue shiatsu massage, great for getting at those trapezius muscles that carry so much tension and can result in stress headaches, knots and a stiff neck.

3D Body Scanning

Every body is unique and the Elite Robo Pad massage chair is capable to tailor the massage just for you. The true3D® technology allows the roller to extend into your back and then retract back into the chair for detecting every curve and optimal massage point, providing a more humanistic massage customized to your body.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Enjoy a powerful reflexology foot massage with the foot airbags and powerful mechanical rollers under the soles of your feet.

Air Compression Massage

There are 69 individual airbags with 80 bladders and 22 valves that encompass your body for a full body massage experience. The 2 compressions allows you to independently turn the upper and lower airbags on and off.

5 Automatic Programs

There are 5 available automatic programs with the Elite Robo Pad. There are Fine, Relax, Stiffness, Air Pressure, and Waist Stretch. Each program has their own therapeutic benefits or program your own and save it in the memory program.

Memory Programs

The Elite Robo Pad allows you to save massage settings for three different people. Once your save your settings, you can recall it at the touch of a button.

Massage Techniques

The Elite Robo Pad massage chair can perform 5 massage techniques which include Shiatsu, Tapping, Kneading, Combination Kneading and Tapping, and Shoulder.

Bluetooth and App

Connect your Bluetooth device and listen to your favorite music with the built in speakers. Enhance the sensory enjoyment of your massage with the music from your favorite Pandora or Spotify stations. You can also control your Robo Pad from an App directly from your Android or Apple device.

170° Recline

The Elite Robo pad massage chair reclines nearly flat like a massage table so you can enjoy your massage in ultimate relaxation nearly flat like a bed.


You can adjust the width of the rollers up to 5 adjustments which is more than most massage chairs on the market. The speed of the massage rollers is adjustable through 5 settings and the 3D is adjustable up to 4.7in in depth. The speed of the foot rollers is adjustable through 3 levels.

Back and Lower Leg Heat

Carbon infrared heating elements located in the lower lumbar area and lower legs provide heat therapy to further relax muscle tension and enable optimal effects of the kneading and rolling massage features of the Robo Pad.

Quiet Performance

The Elite Robo Pad massage chair utilizes high-quality motors to ensure your massage is as quiet as possible.

Remote Control

The LCD Panel remote give your access to all of the features at the touch of the button. The LCD shows you what the massage chair is doing at any point and time. You can also download the app from the Play Store or App Store to control from your smart phone.