Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair

The Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out our Japanese Massage Chairs, All Massage Chairs, or check out or updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair

Fujiiryoki is the pioneer in the massage chair industry, and they have been designing and manufacturing for many decades. The Fujiiryoki EC-3800 massage chair is the culmination of all their experience and is one of the best massage chairs ever made. There are 734 combinations of possible massages with this top of the line massage chair. The new Kiwamimecha system is truly one of a kind and will relieve tension and stress masterfully.

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair Features

Kiwamimecha Massage Ball System

The Fujiiryoki EC-3800 massage chair comes equipped with the all new Kiwamimecha 4D knead ball system is unique and designed to mimic the best of massage therapists. The revolutionary system replicates the movements of the human hand masterfully. It is able to go up and down, side to side, in and our, and also speed and time control. There are 7 levels of intensity adjustments while in the automatic programs and 12 levels while in manual mode.


A slow and deep kneading followed up a quick release which act like a human hand.


A rhythmical movement of gradually changing speeds for an even more effective massage

Knead Up and Down

Basic kneading and tapping movements with the addition of up and down for a fluid massage.


The most humanistic Shiatsu massage you will ever feel from a massage chair.

Neck Relax

Gripping and stretching the nape of the neck to improve your blood circulation around the neck.

Loop Kneading/Tapping

Massaging across a wider range of blending kneading and tapping techniques with up and down movements.

Kiwami Knead/Tapping

Deep stimulation of the upper shoulder to relieve tightness and tension in the trapezius muscle.

Shoulder Tapping

A tapping massage that moves parallel to the shoulder line which focuses on the muscles at the top of the shoulder blade.

Kiwami Knead/Tapping

Effective in soothing strains and muscular discomfort in the lower back and buttocks areas.

Kiwami Hip Massage

A synchronized massage of the knead balls and the seat airbags to massage hard to reach areas and make your hips more flexible.

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair Air Massage

Air Massage

44 Airbags are place through the Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair which provides a massage to your entire body. Enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage to your arms and hands, calves and soles, and your buttocks and waist. The gripping and stretching action will squeeze and compress your muscles and body slowly easing your pains and draining your stress and tension. There are 4 automatic programs that will focus on your legs, thighs and hips, waist, and back. 5 adjustment strengths are available to tailor your massage.

Shoulder Massage

Your shoulders are massaged gently by the high capacity double airbags to soothe away tension an stress that builds up through your day. Customize with 5 intensity settings.

Hand & Arm Massage

There are a concentration of pressure points in the hands and arms. The EC-3800 focuses on these points through gripping and kneading to provide relief. Customize with 3 intensity settings.

Buttocks Air Massage

The airbags located in the seat gently loosen up the muscles located in your buttocks and thighs to promote better blood circulation in the groin.

Lower Back Massage

The lowermost part of the side-bone is relieved by the interlocking action of the airbags and rollers. And action that cannot be replicated by a therapist.

Leg Massage

The airbags compress and release the lower part of your body which aids in promoting better blood circulation through your legs.

Foot Massage

The soles are your feet are simulated by pressure balls that focus on your acupoints. The airbags are used to keep your feet firmly in place

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage Chair Programs

Automatic Programs

There are a total of 18 automatic programs that will help provide the relief that you require. There are 6 selections to choose from with each have subprograms: Whole Body, Shoulder, Waist, Stretch, Original, and Memory. The Original Program offers a soft massage program. The Memory allows you to create and save your own massage program.

Whole Body Programs

The Whole Body course has options for Kiwami Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate, Refresh, Relax, and and a short 7 minute program to relive tension in your entire body.

Shoulder Programs

The shoulder programs comes with Kiwami Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate, Refresh, and Relax to reduce tension that build up in your shoulders and neck.

Waist Programs

The waist programs has Kiwami Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate, Refresh, and Relax options to loosen and relax your waist and pelvic area.

Stretch Program

The Stretch Program comes with 3 different options: Kiwami whole body stretch, whole body stretch, and whole body air to loosen up muscles and joints..

Massage Techniques

There are a total of 28 massage techniques and functions to customize your massage with the Fujiiryoki EC-3800. Knead Up, Knead Down, Deep Knead Up, Deep Knead Down, Tapping, Wavelet, Shiatsu, Rubbing, Neck Relax, Extreme Knead, Extreme Tapping, Rolling, Waist/Hip Massage, Extreme Knead Waist, Extreme Tapping Waist, Stretch, Stretch Knead Up, Stretch Tapping, Stretch Wavelet, 3D Knead Up, 3D Knead Down, 3D Tapping, 3D Wavelet, and more.

Adjustable Ottoman

The ottoman is a little unique to the Fujiiryoki EC-3800 massage chair. It has the standard options as a high end massage chair would have such as automatic raising and lowering and automatic length adjustment. One additional feature that makes it unique is the ability to adjust the bottom foot rest in and out independently

Body Scan Technology

The height, weight, and shape of your body changes with time and from person to person. The Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Massage chair is equipped with a unique 3D point navigation sensor. It will automatically read your shape and size of your back after determining your personal pressure points.

LCD Remote Control

The full color LCD Remote control will give your complete power and control of your massage. The simple to use remote will give you access to all of the features and functions while showing you what the massage chair is currently doing.

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Additional Features

  • Removable Back Pad and pillow for easy cleaning. Remove the backpad for an even harder and deeper massage.
  • Automatic Recline at the touch of a button. The ottoman will automatically raise as the back rest reclines.
  • Perfect fit adjustable ottoman that slides to allow for taller people.
  • Independent Automatic Ottoman Adjustment allows you to raise and lower the foot rest easily
  • Twist Massage - The air cross and air twist provide a thorough and firm stretching action around the waist.
  • Foot Stretch - A stretching massage where the airbags firmly grip the legs and the footrest pulls down which helps to promote blood flow to the lower body.
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