Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair

Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Human Touch HT-7450 massage chair is no longer available. Please check out more Human Touch Massage Chairs, or all of our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair

The Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair is the perfect combination of style and function. With its sleek design, the HT-7450 will fit into almost any decor whether in your home or office. 8 Therapeutic Automatic Programs, 5 Massage Techniques, 27in Massage Roller, Foot and Calf Massager, Lumbar Heat, Acupoint Detection System, Zero Gravity, and more.

Special Features of the Human Touch HT-7450

Retractable Ottoman

The Human Touch HT-7450 has a retractable ottoman which allows it to transform into a regular recliner. This allows your massage chair to blend into any home or office without looking like a massage chair. While the flip of a lever you can pull out the calf/foot massager and use it when you need it.

Foot and Calf Massage

The patented Figure-8 calf massager uses paddles, not airbags, provide an amazing calf and foot massage. This technology will greatly optimize circulation in the lower extremities. The ottoman can flip around to provide a therapeutic massage to your calves and it can also double as a foot massager.

Lumbar Heat

Enjoy the luxurious heat in the lower lumbar of the Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair. The heat will help to loosen the muscles and even the muscle fibers around your spine. This will result in a much deeper and thorough massage and a better massage experience.

Acupoint Detection System

To ensure an effective and targeted massage, our Acupoint Detection System scans the entire length of the back, mapping key pressure points to target during your customized massage.

Human Touch AcuTouch HT-7450 Massage Programs

The Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair has eight 15-minute massage programs to suit your the needs and wants of your body. The full-body sore muscle relief, a morning wake-up massage or a night-time soothing routine are all at your disposal at the touch of a button. Human Touch Technology® starts with a patented mechanism that works like wrists and arms. We added hands – massage rollers that move three-dimensional on a straight track.

Full-Body Sore Muscle Relief

This ultimate stress-relief program is a heated full-body massage that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of high-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.

Sports/Back Therapy

Focusing on areas most often affected by athletic training, this heated back/calf/foot massage includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of high-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.

Leg/Foot/Hip Therapy

This program is designed to concentrate on massaging your rear leg muscles, calves and feet and maintains its intensity from start to finish.

Neck/Shoulder Relief

A back rub taken to a new level – a heated upper-back massage that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of high-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.

After-Work Stretch

A heated mid- and lower-back massage plus a gentle body stretch that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of medium-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.

Morning Wake-Up

Use this refreshing morning heated full-body massage program that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of medium-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.

Night-Time Soothing

Promotes deeper sleep by easing stress and tension with a full-back massage.

Massage Demonstration

This program cycles through all of the massage techniques available to the massage chair to demonstrate all massage functions and possibilities.

Features of the Human Touch HT-7450

Zero Gravity

Reclining into a zero-gravity position, with the knees above the heart, relaxes and decompresses the spine. This neutral posture increases blood circulation, enhances comfort, and enables a more invigorating and effective massage.

Massage Techniques

The HT-7450 massage chair comes equipped with 5 massage techniques to soothe your body: kneading, percussion, compression, rolling, and kneading/percussion

  • Rolling: The rolling technique applies constant pressure while rolling gently up and down your back near your spine.
  • Compression: This technique spreads and applies pressure to deep muscle tissue forcing it to relax and loosen spinal joints.
  • Kneading: Kneading relieves tension and soreness by lifting and stretching the muscles in your back with small circular motions.
  • Percussion: Alternate rapid tapping strokes to stimulate the muscles around your spinal joint areas and relieves pressure around your spine.
  • Kneading + Percussion:: This technique will combine both the Kneading and the Percussion techniques that stimulate muscle tissue.

Massage Roller

The Massage Roller of the Human Touch HT-7450 massage chair s 27in in length with adjustable intensity. There are 3 range adjustments that allow you to adjust for short to tall people. There are also 3 width adjustments to tailor the massage to the width of your back and body size. Choose from Narrow, Normal, and Wide.

Seat Air Massage

Soothes tired gluteus and hamstring muscles, caused by uncomfortable chairs or sitting for long periods of time. A series of air bags located in the seat pad inflate and deflate to create a unique massage. This also enhances blood flow in the legs that has been slowed down by sitting for long periods of time and helps prevent blood clots in the legs.

Full Body Stretch

With the push of one button this amazing chair will utilize the recline of the back and compression around your calves to knead and stretch the muscles of your back, legs, and hips. With all your muscles being relaxed the stretching is very effective and can assist in keeping your muscles loose and less prone to injury.

Swivel Base

The base of the Human Touch HT-7450 massage chair is able to swivel up to 60 degrees. This will allow you to rotate the massage chair while you are in it in order to reach things more easily. No other massage company uses a swivel base in their massage chairs.

Additional Features of the Human Touch HT-7450 Features

  • Removable Back Pad: 3 Tucked behind the back is a back pad you can easily remove in order to get a deeper massage.
  • Zone Massage: The Zone massage will target a 6in zone on your back.
  • Point Massage: The the arrows on the remote to position the massage roller in one spot to really work about those tension knots.
  • Auto Recline: Recline the HT-7450 at the touch of a button to find that perfect reclined position for your massage.
  • Auto Ottoman Raise: At the touch of a button, raise or lower the ottoman to find the perfect position for your calf or foot massage.