Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Human Touch Navitas Sleep massage chair is no longer available. Please check out more Human Touch Massage Chairs, or all of our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Human Touch partnered with Johnson Wellness to create the Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair. The Navitas is one of the newest massage chairs from Human Touch and is engineered and designed in Japan. There are tons of features equipped such as 3D Roller Technology, Memory Settings, Calf and Foot Rollers, 36 Automatic Programs, Easy to Use Remote, Full Body Stretch, and more.

Special Features of the Human Touch Navitas Sleep

Automatic Programs

The Human Touch Navitas Sleep comes equipped with 36 Automatic Programs. Experience the first massage chair with the most auto-programs of any chair in the world. Each program has been carefully crafted to elevate the way you feel with a select set of programs specially tailored to enhance the way you sleep.

Calf Roller Massage

Many massage chairs use airbags for a calf massage, but the new Human Touch Navitas Sleep uses 3D massage rollers instead. The 3D calf massage rollers on either side give each calf a deep and thorough massage with targeted shiatsu therapy. This will rejuvenate your legs using 19 different massage techniques.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

On the bottom of the Ottoman are foot rollers that massage the bottom of your feet that helps to rejuvenate sore and tired feet. Choose between either the Rub or Roll cycles to find the best technique to suit your needs. Combine the foot rollers with the calf massage for an amazing experience.

Memory Function

Not many massage chairs on the market utilize a memory function. With the Human Touch Navitas Sleep, you can build your own massage program and save it in one of the 8 memory locations. This is a convenient feature that will allow you to use any of your saved programs whenever you need it.

Features of the Human Touch Navitas Sleep

3D Massage Rollers

The 3D Massage Roller is capable of reaching your tailbone up to your neck easily and accommodate taller users. The Roller goes up to down, side to side, and even in and out. This gives the massage a more humanistic feeling and allows you to easily adjust the massage intensity to your liking.

Air Compression Massage

The Human Touch Navitas Sleep massage chair comes equipped with 21 strategically placed air cells delivering 23 air massage techniques to create an extremely relaxing massage experience. The air cells are located throughout the seat, arms, and upper back to deliver what Human Touch calls Cloud Touch Massage.

Zero Gravity

The Human Touch Navitas Sleep comes with one-touch Zero Gravity. The backrest will recline while the ottoman raises to about your heart level. This will relieve stress along your spine and is the perfect position to get a massage. Even your local masseuse cannot even give you a massage in the Zero Gravity position.

Body Scan Technology

The Acupoint Optical Scanning system of the Human Touch Navitas Sleep massage chair will map out your spine and deliver a massage that is custom-tailored to your body. This will also map out key pressure points to target you back for a personalized massage.

Full Body Stretch

During the stretch program of the Human Touch Navitas Sleep massage chair, the air cells will grab you and hold you into place while the massage roller pushes outward to really stretch your spine and the corresponding muscles. The stretch combines the best of the upper body massage with the lower body massage of a healthy and invigorating stretch for your body.

Easy to Use Remote Control

With so many programs, settings, and options, Human Touch has conveniently organized everything in an easy-to-follow and use remote control. The easy-to-use design makes navigating your wellness experience simple and easy.

Additional Features of the Human Touch Navitas Sleep

  • Micro-Sculpting Technology: The 3D Massage roller is able to move precisely in 2mm micro-movements. This gives the massage chair the capability of pinpointing and activating pressure points for a truly amazing massage with 62 massage techniques.
  • Extendable Ottoman: Easily extend the ottoman outward in order to accommodate taller people easily.
  • Automatic Recline: At the touch of a button, easily raise or lower the backrest to find the perfect position to relax in for your massage.
  • Automatic Ottoman: At the touch of a button, easily raise or lower the Ottoman of the Navitas to find the perfect position.
  • Calf Height Adjustment: Adjust the range of the rollers on the calf massager to accommodate exactly where your calves are for the best possible calf massage.
  • Pause: Pause your massage at any time during the cycle and then pick up right where you left off.
  • Manual Massage Mode: Configure your own massage program to suit your specific therapeutic needs, and then even save it to the memory.
  • Heated Foot Wells: There are heat pads located in the footwells. The heat will help loosen up the joints in your feet for a better massage experience and to help rejuvenate them. Turn them on or off at the touch of a button.
  • Intensity Adjustments: There are 5 intensity adjustments for the back massage, 4 intensity adjustments for the foot massage, and 3 intensity adjustments for the air massage.