iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair

iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair

Ease your tension and massage away stress with the iComfort IC1121 therapeutic massage chair. You will feel as if You had your very own massage therapist in your home at your very own beck and call. It can even massage your arms, hips, and head! The handy retractable and articulated footrest gives you maximum configuration options. The iComfort IC1121 massage chair reproduces over 5 massage therapies to help increase blood circulation, alleviate tension and soothe away stress all with the sensation of a professional massage. The iComfort IC1121 therapeutic massage chair will provide you with many years of soothing massage and comfort.

iComfort IC1121 Features

Air Compression Massage

There are 15 airbags located in the ottoman and seat to make sure your legs, feet, and seat get the same treatment tension relief as your back. With 2 levels of intensity, you are able to fine-tune your massage to your needs. There are 4 programs that you can cycle through that will focus the airbags on a particular region.

Massage Roller

The quad-style massage roller is able to reach from your neck to the top of your tailbone. The 4 head rotating massage mechanism simulates the smooth wrist movement of the human hand for the perfect back massage every time. There are 3 width adjustments to help find the perfect massage.

Head and Arm Massage

The iComfort IC1121 Massage Chair comes equipped with an arm and head massager. Just wrap either one to the appropriate places and enjoy a soothing air compression massage to your head and arms.

Automatic Programs

There are 4 auto programs that you can enjoy for a great massage experience: upper body and full back massage, upper back which are your neck and shoulders, lower back massage, and stretching.

Massage Techniques

There are 5 massage techniques that are used to relieve your tension and stress. Kneading, Reverse Kneading, Knocking, Tapping and Vibration are used to create some of the best massages you have ever felt.


You can manually add a soothing and relaxing vibration to any part of your massage. You can independently turn on and off vibration in the seat.

Remote Control

Take complete control of your massage experience with the remote control. The easy-to-use remote will give you access to make adjustments on the fly or set up your automatic program from the start. Just sit back and relax.

Additional Features

  • MP3 Player - Drop in an SD Card and enjoy your favorite music through the built-in speakers to help you further relax and massage your tensions away.
  • Music Synchronization - Sync your music to your massage. The intensity and speeds will adjust to your music.
  • Automatic Recline to find the perfect angle for your massage. Recline backward up to 170 degrees for maximum comfort.
  • Power Retractable Ottoman that will allow you to raise and lower your legs with the touch of a button.
  • Back Stretch - The backstretch feature will utilize the massage rollers to simulate stretching up and down your spine.