Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out more Infinity Massage Chairs, or our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair

The Infinity IT-7800 Massage Chair offers relief and rejuvenation from head to toe. The IT-7800 massage chair features 4 Auto Massage Programs, integrating several different massage techniques from Kneading to Dual. Using the manual controls, you can customize your massage to target the neck, shoulders, or lower back. The easy-to-use control panel also allows you to control the speed and strength for the perfect massage. Head to toe is the name of the game. Your chair features a Double Section Footrest which includes an incredible, 12 air-bag massage, to relieve tension in your calves, ankles, and feet. Sit back and get comfortable. Your cutting-edge massage chair also includes an independently-controlled power recline and footrest elevation. This allows you to fully adjust the chair for use with or without the massage functions.

Infinity IT-7800 Features

Massage Roller

The quad head massage roller is able to reach from your neck to your waist. The 3 width adjustments allow you to tailor the width of the massage roller to your body size while the 3 levels of speed will allow you to further customize your massage. The massage roller also comes equipped with a spot and partial mode with adjustments. This will allow you to stop the massage roller during a cycle and have it concentrate on a region of your back or a specific spot to work out any knots. There are also fine-tune adjustments up and down during the spot and partial program to make sure you get the massage roller working right where you need it.

Airbag Compression Massage

The Infinity IT-7800 comes equipped with a total of 24 airbags located in the ottoman. There are 12 airbags that are used on each section of the ottoman that targets tension relief on your calves, ankles, feet, and your soles. You are able to adjust the intensity of the airbags through 3 levels of setting to make sure that you get the right about of massage that you need.

Infinity IT-7800 Programs

There are 4 automatic programs and 4 manual modes to choose from on the Infinity IT-7800 massage chair. Each of the programs combines different therapeutic methods with different features all based on the natural benefits of each method.

Automatic Programs

  • Recover – This program is a full-body deep tissue massage that is great after a workout or injury.
  • Refresh – This is a lighter massage program that helps to refresh and revitalize.
  • Extend – This is the most popular program with deep tissue and incorporated stretching.
  • Relax – This is a very light massage program that is meant to relax you from head to toe.

Massage Techniques

  • Kneading – Digs deep into your back with pinching and squeezing.
  • Tapping – Light Rhythmic Tap equally on both sides.
  • Dual – Combination of Kneading and Tapping.
  • Knocking – Similar to tapping, but alternating sides.

Infinity IT-7800 Feature List

  • Four Automatic Massage Function with 4 Massage Techniques.
  • Adjustable speed for the massage rollers and adjustable strength for the airbags.
  • Double section ottoman with 12 heavy-duty airbags on each side for an incredible lower body massage.
  • Kneading, Shiatsu, and Tapping massage techniques
  • Electronically adjustable incline and the ottoman to set the perfect height. The more your legs are raised while you recline, the more you will relax.
  • Electronically adjustable recline for the backrest to find the perfect angle for your massage. The further you recline, the deeper the massage roller is able to work.