Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out more Infinity Massage Chairs, or our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

The Infinity IT-9800 incorporates a modern design that focuses on the look of a recliner more than a massage chair. Pair the design with the 100% leather construction and the IT-9800 would fit into virtually any room or decor. There are many great features that make this massage chair standout such as Zero Gravity, Inversion Therapy, Roller Calf Massage, Unique Programs, and more.

Infinity IT-9800 Special Features

Zero Gravity

The position of Zero Gravity was first developed by NASA in order to relieve compression and tension along the spine during launch. Infinity incorporates this same science into the Infinity IT-9800 massage chair. The massage chair will recline while your legs will rise in order to bring your legs to the level of your heart. This will decrease the pressure on your spine, reduce muscle tension, reduce pressure on your heart and lungs, and increase blood oxygen levels.

Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy puts gravity to work for you by placing your body in line with the downward force of gravity. The massage chair will recline past 180 degrees and your feet will rise utilizing your own body weight as a natural form of traction. The inversion elongates the spine by increasing the space between the vertebrae which relieves the pressure on discs, ligaments, and nerve roots. Less pressure means less back pain.

Calf Massage

What makes the Infinity IT-9800 very unique is that it does not utilize airbags to massage the calf muscles, but uses multiple massage rollers. This allows for different methods to be incorporated into your massage sessions such as kneading, tapping, or even a combination. The swing function has 3-speed settings that move your legs from side to side in a soothing and rhythmic fashion which has been proven to help reduce pain in the lower back.

Infinity IT-9800 Features

Massage Roller

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair comes equipped with a quad-style massage roller with a 27.2in track length that can massage your lower lumbar area all the way to your neck. This will accommodate users from 5ft 1in to 6ft 4in in height, and the three width adjustments will fit most body styles. The Quad Style roller means there is a total of four massage heads which is a standard feature in most massage chairs. As the roller moves up and down along your back, it can follow the S-shape curve of your spine for an accurate and precise massage with six adjustable speeds to customize your massage.

Body Scan Technology

The Infinity IT-9800 massage chair comes equipped with extensive optical body scan technology. The massage chair will automatically detect the length from the shoulders to the waist and remember the acupressure points of your back. This allows for a precise massage custom-tailored to your back.

Lumbar Heat

An infrared heating element is located in the lumbar area of the massage chair with 3-time settings. The heat will loosen up the muscle tissue which will relax any tightened and sore muscles and will also allow for a better and deeper massage.

Seat Vibration

Vibration is located in the seat of the Infinity IT-9800 massage chair and can be turned on or off at the touch of a button. There are 4 vibration settings to choose from when you are in a massage program, and you are able to turn this feature on or off during any session.

Massage Programs

There are 4 recline programs that offer different benefits and each has its own customizations. There are 6 manual massage programs that perform a 15-minute massage session which each having its own therapeutic benefit. Once you choose which manual program you wish to use, then choose 1 of the 4 massage techniques. While you are in manual mode, the calf massage will be active as well.

Recline Programs

  • Relax – This is a full-body massage that incorporates the back massage roller and the calf massage roller. Each of the relax program settings will have different recline angles and pre-programmed massage functions.
  • Stretch – While in the stretch program, there are 4 settings you can choose from which are zero gravity, a V angle victory stretch, a V angle lumbar stretch, and an inversion stretch.
  • Rocking – The rocking function has 4 settings with recline: a deep recline without rocking, a deep recline with rocking, a medium recline with rocking, and a fixed recline.
  • Lie Down – Lie down will recline the massage chair and raise the footrest to put you in a lie position similar to what you would experience in your bed.

Manual Programs

  • Full body Massage - This program of the Infinity IT-9800 massage chair is dedicated to providing a full body massage with the massage roller and calf roller.
  • Regional Massage - This will massage a specific area and you can adjust the roller up and down with the touch of a button.
  • Fixed Point Massage - This is more specific than the regional massage and you can pinpoint the roller exactly where you want it. This is great to work out knots in your back.
  • Head to Neck Massage - This will focus the rollers high up on your back to focus on your head and neck area.
  • Upper Back Massage - This will automatically put the massage roller on your upper back to really loosen up the shoulder blades.
  • Lower Back Massage - This will focus on the lumbar area where many people have back issues. This will help loosen up your lower back and help alleviate pain.

Massage Techniques

  • Kneading - Digs deep into the with pinching and squeezing.
  • Tapping - Light Rhythmic Tap equally on both sides.
  • Multiple - Combination of Kneading and Tapping.
  • Shiatsu - Firm press pressing down into the muscle up and down.

Additional Features of the Infinity IT-9800

Remote Control

The wired remote has a different look, shape, and layout that is different than the other Infinity massage chairs and is quite simple to use. Each button is purposeful and the LCD display shows you at any time what the massage chair is doing. When not in use, there is a convenient pouch on the side to tuck it away.

Adjustable Timer

You can set your massage session for 5, 10, 15, 30, or 38 minutes long depending on the program.

Back Rest and Footrest Recline

If you are lounging in your Infinity IT-9800 or having a massage session, you are able to independently adjust the backrest recline and even the footrest at the touch of a button.

Power Off Rest

When you power off the Infinity IT-9800, the massage chair will go back to its original default position.