Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out more Infinity Massage Chairs, or our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

The Infinity Iyashi massage chair by Infinite Therapeutics is revolutionary and groundbreaking in the industry. It incorporates many of the Tai Chi and Zen Master massage techniques to bring you one of the best full-body massages on the market. The innovative design utilizes a 49in stroke on the massage roller, which is the longest available on the market today. These revolutionary L track massage rollers are capable of reaching your neck all the way down to track under your gluteus muscles. The Infinity Iyashi also has many high-end and high-tech features worth checking out.

Special Features of the Infinity Iyashi

49in Roller Track

The Infinity Iyashi is the first massage chair on the market to utilize a roller track that massages the buttocks and back of the thigh all the way to your neck. It follows an L shape curve while it also follows the S shape curve of your spine. The roller moves up and down, left and right, and in and out to provide varying intensity and a thorough massage. There are 3 width settings to accommodate most body sizes with 6 levels of speed adjustment.

Zero Gravity

The position of Zero Gravity was first developed by NASA in order to relieve compression along the spine during launch. Infinity incorporates this same science into the Infinity Iyashi. The massage chair will recline while your legs will rise in order to bring your legs to about the level of your heart. This will promote deeper breathing and further relaxation. There are 2 Zero Gravity positions to cater to different people.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Infinity Iyashi has Bluetooth connectivity standards and does not require any optional upgrades like some other massage chairs. Once you download the free application from the Google Play Store, you can control your massage chair and most of the functions. The Bluetooth will also allow you to play your favorite music or playlists straight from your phone.

Space-Saving Design

One of the great things about the Infinity Iyashi is the space-saving design. When most massage chairs recline, they need room behind it so as not to hit the wall. The Iyashi only needs an inch as the entire base will slide forward as the chair recline not needing any room behind it. This is a great feature if you live in an apartment or need to put your massage chair in a smaller space.

Features of the Infinity Iyashi

Airbag Pressure Massage Technology

There are 38 multi-layered airbags placed throughout the Infinity Iyashi. These are used to provide a compression massage to areas where the massage roller is unable to reach. There are 5 levels of intensity to customize the compression massage to your needs.

Leg and Foot Airbag Massage: Multiple airbags are located around the calves and feet to provide a great comprehensive compression massage. Paired with the mechanical foot rollers and your calves and feet will feel refreshed and revitalized.

Outer Shoulder Airbags: 3 Triple layered airbags below both shoulders offer powerful refreshing, kneading, rolling, and twisting massage motions. They are also used to grip your body during the stretching modes. Much like a professional massage, they provide a high level of relaxation to areas with the most tension.

Arm and Wrist Airbags: There are 3 airbags located at the top of the armrest and 3 at the bottom. These provide a light, but powerful massage for the forearms and hands to improve circulation and lymphatic flow with 3 levels of intensity adjustment.

Optical Scanning Technology

The Automatic Acupuncture Point Locator function uses scanning technology which automatically detects Shiatsu points using state-of-the-art optical sensors. Acupuncture points differ according to the body type of each individual. When used by the whole family, massages are automatically customized to each individual, providing a massage of professional quality.

Massage Programs

There are 6 automatic programs available on the Infinity Iyashi: Recovery, Extend, Relax, Refresh, Upper Massage, and Lower Massage. You can even change the program on the fly without the massage chair having to rescan the body or reset itself, but it will restart the timer. There are 6 massage techniques included: kneading, tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, combination, and synchronic. The Synchronic will sync the massage to the beat of your music once you have connected your smart device through Bluetooth.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Foot rollers are one of the main features that helped to put Infinity on the map in the massage chair industry. The 4 rolling massage rollers, with 3 different levels of speed, target the acupoints on the bottom of your feet to provide a great reflexology massage that has many health benefits.

Posture Correction

The Infinity Iyashi can also help to correct your posture with each massage. The shoulder airbags compress over the front of the shoulders and pin them against the chair back during your massage. This keeps your spine in the correct position and can also help provide an even better massage. With the shoulder and seat airbags, the user can experience one of the most intense stretch programs available on the market based on Thai stretch techniques.

Additional Features

  • Lumbar Heat: A heating element is located in the lumbar area of the massage chair. The heat will loosen up the muscle tissue which will relax any tightened and sore muscles and will also allow for a better massage.
  • Remote Control: The wired remote control is very simple to use and is similar to a remote you would see on a high-end TV with a small LCD panel. When the remote is not in use, there is a sleek pouch to tuck it away in.
  • Chromotherapy: Soothing lights have been incorporated into the body of the massage chair. When the lights are darkened, an ambient lighting system can be activated to help assist you to relax.
  • Music System: The Infinity Iyashi comes equipped with Bluetooth technology and built-in speakers. This will allow you to connect any smart device or an MP3 player that is equipped with Bluetooth to play your favorite music or playlists while you enjoy your massage.
  • Waist Twist: Airbags in the seat will move your hips from side to side in a twisting motion to help massage and stretch the lower back and hips. This motion helps to relieve pain in the lower back area even if that pain is quite acute.
  • Adjustable Timer: You can have a massage session for either 10, 20, or 30 minutes long.
  • Adjustable Intensity: You have the ability to adjust the intensity of the airbags and massage rollers independently allowing you full control over the massage strength.