Inner Balance MC660 Massage Chair

Inner Balance MC660 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Inner Balance MC660 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out more Inner Balance Massage Chairs, or our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Inner Balance MC660 Massage Chair

The Inner Balance MC660 Massage Chair is designed to simulate the human hand by massaging key pressure points. You will enjoy a complete, comfortable massage all over your body, allowing quicker recovery and better downtime. With tons of features such as Zero Gravity, Body Scan Technology, 4 Programs, and 4 Massage techniques, Full Body Air Massage, make this massage chair is a great choice for any home.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity position of the Inner Balance MC660 massage chair provides the ultimate seating comfort. The Zero Gravity position was first introduced by NASA in order to reduce the compression of the spine of Astronauts during high Gs. While in the zero-gravity position, your spine will be gently stretch which will help reduce back stress and tension while improving circulation. Enjoy 3 different zero gravity positions in the MC660 at the touch of a button.

Massage Roller

The massage roller is a quad style with S-Track technology that will follow the natural curve of your spine. Equipped with 3 width settings and 3 levels of intensity for customizing your massage to your needs. You are also able to do a partial massage where the massage roller will focus on a particular area where you may need more tension relief

Air Compression Massage

The Inner Balance MC660 Massage Chair comes equipped with multiple airbags to give you a full body massage. There are airbags located in the ottoman, seat, shoulder, and arms that will help put you in a further state of relaxation with control to turn each set on and off. There are 3 levels of intensity available to find the right strength for your daily needs.

Body Scan Technology

Your body position is detected automatically to provide a tailored massage experience suited to your body shape and size. This allows for a more accurate massage and enhances your overall massage experience.

Massage Techniques

Four different massage techniques are available which are Kneading, Tapping, Dual Action (Kneading-Tapping), and Shiatsu.

Massage Programs

There are 4 pre-programmed massage programs that are Comfort, Recovery, Stretch, and Relief.

Foot Massager

There are Massagers located in the ottoman that work up and down your calves and feet, squeezing away tension. The ottoman can be adjusted to accommodate users of different heights.

Remote Controls

The Inner Balance MC660 Massage chair comes equipped with 2 remote controls. The main panel is a large color LCD style that will give you complete control over your entire massage. The wireless remote will allow you to adjust speeds and intensities on the fly without having to move to touch the panel remote.

Auto Recline and Auto Ottoman

You are able to adjust the recline of the Inner Balance MC660 massage chair at the touch of a button to find the right angle for the best massage. You are also able to lower and raise the ottoman with the touch of a button.

Additional Features

  • Heat: You can turn on the heat in the lower lumbar area to loosen up the muscle tissue for a deeper and better back massage
  • Vibration: Turn on the vibration mode at any time to activate the soothing vibration that will help you relax with 3 different modes available.