Kiwami 4D-970 Japan Massage Chair

Kiwami 4D-970 Japan Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Kiwami 4D-970 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out more Johnson Wellness Massage Chairs, or our Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Kiwami 4D-970 Japan Massage Chair

The Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair is made in Japan and is engineered to bring you all of the benefits of Japanese massage chairs. The 4D-970 comes with the new 4D 2 ball massage mechanism that is designed to provide the most lifelike massage available. Paired with the 3D point navigation system, the 4D-970 provides one of the best massages from any chair on the market.

Kiwami 4D-970 Japan Features

Highly Advanced Back Massage System

The signature feature of Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair is the highly advanced massage technology. The scanning system is the most accurate which translates into a very precise and effective massage. The massage system breaks down the massage regions to 3 parts (lower, mid, and upper back). The chair will deliver a different massage style to each region. The same massage application is not the best for each area.

4D Massage Technology

The advanced two ball 4D massage head system moves on a vertical, horizontal, and front and backplane. Kiwami has taken it a step forward by adding a 4th dimension to its massage technology. Collaborating with professional massage therapists throughout Japan, Kiwami has added speed variation to each style of massage. Similar to traditional Japanese massage, the hands of the masseuse would slow down, accelerate or even pause to hold in particular areas. The Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair is one of the most lifelike massages.

Upper Shoulder Massage with Roller Extension

The two-ball roller head system can retract and extend to about 5 inches, allowing to hit areas most typical chairs can not reach. A common area where tensions and stress build up is the upper part of the shoulders (upper Trapezius Muscle) which connects to the back of the head through the neck. The rollers heads of this device will extend out to its maximum length above the shoulders and then firmly press down stretching the muscles.

3D Point Navigation System

Before the start of every massage, the Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair will accurately map your back, analyzing the contours of back muscles and spine. This ensures a more consistent massage pressure throughout the session so that no area of the back is neglected. The computer system will even map out where your shoulder blades run and run a unique massage along the blades of the shoulder.

Air Compression Massage

Kiwami has re-engineered the air massage technology for the Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair, reducing the total airbags while increasing the surface area coverage. This reduces the stress on the air pump and valves, ultimately extending the longevity and dependability of this component.

Outer Shoulder Air Massager

Located on the upper sides of the backrest, there are 2 airbag massagers on each side. As the airbags inflate it will compress the shoulder inwards. The shoulder airbags may also inflate to hold you in place as the back rollers apply a soothing massage.

Hand & Arm Air Massager

As you insert your arms into the unique butterfly design, it will position the palm of the hands vertically. Simultaneously the hands and forearms will be massaged as the airbag inflates. The tapered design will contour the arms for an even massage.

Hip Air Massage

Along the sides of the seat, base are airbags on each side. As they inflate, it will squeeze the hips.

Foot & Calf Air Massage

The calf massage is curved on the outer walls so that it will wrap around the calves as it inflates. There are also airbags on the back of the calves for a complete massage. The feet are massaged by airbags which are lined along the sides, pressing the feet down to the base of the foot massager.

Automatic Programs

The Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair comes equipped with 21 different automatic programs that are designed to provide the ultimate massage experience. The manual operation gives you 35 massage types to choose from.

Stretch Programs

There are 3 types of whole-body stretching to choose from along with 5 types of leg stretch programs.

Memory Function

Create your personalized preset program using the memory storage capability. Select your favorite massage combination, put into memory so that the next time simply press a single button to start where you left off.

Auto Recline

The positioning of the recline and leg rest is fully automatic, and you can adjust them easily with the remote control. One thing the Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair can do that most massage chairs cannot fully recline into a full bed position.

Automatic Leg Extension

The Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair is built with a fully automatic leg ottoman. The leg rest can be raised, lowered, or even extended or retracted using the center control panel of the remote. This will allow for a variety of different users to enjoy a custom-fitted massage. The chair can fit a person up to 6ft 3in with a maximum weight of 250lbs.

Heat on Back and Foot

Heat pads are located in the backrest of the Kiwami 4D-970 massage chair to loosen up the muscles in your back. This will help to relieve tension along your back and most importantly, your lower back. Heat pads are also located in the footrest.


5 levels of air massage intensity. The air intensity can be individually set to your preference for 4 separate zones (the shoulders, arms, hips, and feet). The back roller intensity can be set to 7 to 12 different intensity levels depending on the program.

Easy to Use Touch Screen Remote

The Kiwami 4D-970 Japan massage chair has truly simplified the remote without losing any of the functions and controllability. Through the touch screen, everything can be operated with a touch of a finger.