Luraco Legend Plus L-Track Massage Chair

Luraco Legend Plus L-Track Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 31, 2022

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out all of our Luraco Massage Chairs, or if you need more help, please contact one of our massage chair experts.

Luraco Legend Plus L-Track Massage Chair

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair features L-Track technology with 3D massage, intelligent body scan, zero gravity recline, reflexology foot massage, 9 automatic programs, 5 customized program profiles, lumbar heat therapy, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Luraco is the only Made in the USA massage chair currently on the market.

Massage Chair Features

L-Track Technology

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair comes with the latest T-Track technology. This allows the massage roller to extend from the neck, all the way down your back and then wraps around to your glutes and the back of your thighs giving you more massage coverage than an S-Track massage chair.

3D Massage

The 3D Massage Roller of the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track goes up and down, side to side, and in and out. The 3D allows the roller to be adjusted to a deep tissue massage or even a gentle massage. The Quad style roller travels on a 58" Track which will accommodate people from 5'2" all the way to 6'5" and up to 300lbs.

Body Scan Technology

A massage chair is only as good as the body scan and the Legend Plus utilizes intelligent sensor technology for accurate automatic 3D body shape of your back, neck, and shoulders.

Zero Gravity Recline

The Zero Gravity position was first developed by NASA to help relieve spinal compression during high G maneuvers. The ottoman raises while the backrest reclines taking pressure and compression off of your spine and joints. There are 2 Zero Gravity positions to choose from with the Legend Plus.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Located at the bottom of the ottoman of the Luraco Legend massage chair are double foot rollers that focus on your acupoints for an incredible reflexology massage. The airbags also inflate to add more pressure to the foot massage.

Automatic Programs

The Luraco Legends Plus Massage Chair has 9 Programs to make your life better: Health, Demo, Shiatsu, Stretch, Night, Air, Morning, TV Mode, and Soft.

  • Health Program: The health program is specifically designed for health aspects like releasing muscle strain, improving blood flow, soothing anxiety, and helping to relieve depression. This program is the default when you start the massage chair.
  • Demo Program: The demo program provides a full body massage that combines the best features of all programs into a short cycle.
  • Shiatsu Program: The Shiatsu Program provides a high-intensity and point-based massage with varied and rhythmic pressure on different parts of the body. This helps to relieve severe tension in muscles and connective tissues, relieves blockages, and rejuvenates the body.
  • Stretch Program: The stretch program provides stretching and promotes mobility throughout the body. It relaxes muscles, enhances muscular coordination, helps improve posture, and provides a greater sense of well-being.
  • Night Program: The night program is specifically designed for evening/night use to enhance sleep, focusing on relieving postural stress after a long day of work. It also helps relieve anxiety, depression, and headaches.
  • Air Program: This program provides only air compression massage only to help promote blood circulation and relaxation.
  • Morning Program: Designed specifically for morning use and focuses on energizing the body by providing stretching, mobilizing joints, and promoting flexibility with some muscle exercise.
  • TV Mode: Tv mode will put the massage chair into a comfortable position for watching TV.
  • Soft Program: This program applies a very soft and gentle massage throughout the body. This mode is good for relieving headaches, muscle strains, and helps to improve sleep.

Customized Memory Programs

You can customize a massage profile that best fits your body needs for optimal results for up to 5 people. After an optimized profile is created, you can save it under "Users Profile" and then recall the saved profile next time the massage chair is used.

Manual Settings

Manual Settings: Limitless customizable individual body part massage profiles-choose the one that makes your body feel the best

Made in the USA

Luraco is the first company to have the Made in the USA seal in the massage chair industry. The Structural Hardware and Leather of the Legend Plus are made in Taiwan. The Research and Development, Software, and Final Assembly are all in the USA and comply with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to have the Made in the USA Seal. All of their Customer Service and Sale Support is located in the USA.

Independent Adjustability

What are uniques to the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair is the capability to not only control the intensity of your massage, but where based on region. You can adjust the intensity setting up to 5 levels at the Neck, Mid Back, Lower Back, Buttocks, Arms, and Legs.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track comes equipped with lumbar heating pads that help to relieve tension and loosens up cool muscles for a deeper and therapeutic massage. You can choose from 5 heat intensity settings.

Noise Reduction Technology

Parts of the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track have been reengineered to reduce the level of noise allowing you to relax in peace.

Bluetooth Speakers

The Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair is equipped with an ultra-clean music system that will allow you to play music of your choice. Just connect your favorite smart device with the Bluetooth connection and sit back and relax.

Touch Screen Remote Control

The touch screen controller of the Luraco Legends plus is very easy to use. The touch screen is self-explanatory as you go through the menus and the circular dial is easy to use with your thumb.