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Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair

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Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair

The Made in the USA Luraco i9 Medical Massage chair has some great new technologies. New is the Split Track that allows the 3D massage rollers to give you the benefits of stretching with the S-Track and the benefits of the L-Track that massages all the way past your glutes to the back of your thighs. In addition, the all-new sliding doors allow you to slide into the chair easily, is perfect for people with mobility issues: new arm massage rollers, and more. Scroll down to learn more about the Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair.

Luraco i9 Medical Massage Chair

Luraco i9 Product Features

Luraco i9 Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Luraco massage chairs are the only massage chairs made in the United States. The Luraco is proudly made in Arlington, TX.

Luraco i9 Split Track

Split Track

The all-new patented 60” Split Track of the Luraco i9 gives you the benefits of both the S-Track and L-Track designs. Standard L-Track massage chairs are not as good with stretching as S-Tracks. However, the track is flexible, which allows for superior stretching without losing the benefits of glute and thigh roller massage.

Luraco i9 Body Scan

Body Scan

Thanks to a new super high-speed Gigahertz microprocessor, the body scan is fast and accurate. When you first turn on the Luraco i9 medical massage chair, the chair will perform a scan of your body to tailor the massage to your body type. The scan allows for a consistent massage and makes sure to hit all the right points.

Luraco i9 Butterfly Pattern 3D

“Butterfly Pattern” 3D Rollers

The Luraco i9 medical massage chair offers a unique massage experience with the new patented butterfly pattern massage. The roller ball moves on a ball bearing making it very humanistic in motions. The quad style rollers travel in a 3rd dimension allowing you to control the intensity of you massage with 5 levels.

Luraco i9 Sliding Arms

Sliding Arms

The all-new patented sliding arms allow you to slide in and out of the chair easier. The new arms are perfect for people who have mobility issues but still want a massage chair's benefits. Pull up the knob that is located between the seat cushion and slide the door back. Once in the seat, slide the door forward and lock it back into position. With dual doors, you get easy access to work in any room.

Luraco i9 Arm Massage

Arm Massage

New with the i9 is the new massage rollers located at the bottom of the armrest. The rollers rejuvenate your arms and hands, while the airbags located in the top offer a compression massage and helps to keep your arms correctly positioned.

Luraco i9 Calf Massage

Calf Massage

The deep kneading rollers behind your calves take away the fatigue and soreness from being on your feet all day. The airbags on the side offer a compression massage to help with blood circulation.

Luraco i9 Foot Massage

Foot Massage

All new triple sole rollers rejuvenate your tired and sore feet. The airbags help to lock your feet into place for a better massage. They even move side to side to help with flexibility in your ankles. In addition, there are removable Achilles heel nodes.

Luraco i9 Adjustments


Control your massage over six regions of your body: Neck, Mid-Back, Low Back, Calves, Arms, and Feet with five intensity levels, which is more than any other chair on the market. In addition, choose from recline angle, leg angle, leg length, and Zero Gravity. One new adjustment to the market is adjusting the seat height, which helps to accommodate shorter or taller people more easily.

Luraco i9 Zero Gravity Recline

Zero Gravity Recline

The zero-gravity position reclines the massage chair and raises to footrest to about heart level. This position relieves compression along your spine and entire body, allowing your body to work in harmony with the massage rollers. In addition, zero Gravity is effective in promoting blood circulation.

Luraco i9 Compression Massage

Air Compression Massage

The Luraco i9 medical massage chair has an all-new airbag design with patented noise reduction technology for a full-body compression massage experience with 100 airbags. Located in the armrest are triple and separate airbags that focus on the arms and forearms. In the shoulders are double and individual airbags that keep you in place to help with stretching. In addition, new “bun hugging” airbags help with thigh compression, lower back twisting, waist massage, and improved stretching. Finally, more airbags are in the calves and feet.

Luraco i9 Adjustable Shoulders

Adjustable Shoulders

People come in different sizes and shapes. The adjustable shoulders allow you the slide the shoulder airbags up and down to accommodate taller or shorter people. Pull on the knob on the inside of the shoulder airbags and slide up and down to the desired position.

Luraco i9 Footrest Extension

Footrest Extension

The Luraco i9 has a patented 3 layered footrest that slides in and out up to 8" to accommodate taller people. Once your program starts, the footrest will extend out and then slide back in. Once the desired position is reached, press with your heels to stop it.

Luraco i9 Automatic Programs

Automatic Programs

  • Health: Specifically designed to improve health issues by relieving muscle strain, soothe anxiety, improve blood flow, and helps to alleviate depression. This is the default program when the chair is first initiated.
  • Soft: Applies a very soft and gentle air compression massage throughout the body. This mode is suitable for relieving headaches, muscle strains and helps to improve sleep.
  • Quick: Provides a quick full body massage, combining the best features of all massage modes into one cycle. If the program is too short, you can adjust the length of time.
  • Morning: Designed for when you first wake up to energize the body, provide muscle stretching, loosening up joints, and promote flexibility.
  • Night: Designed to use at night before bed to relax the body and enhance sleep. It focuses on relieving postural stress after the day’s activities and helping to relieve anxiety, depression, and headaches.
  • Sport: The Sports Program focuses on overused and stressed muscles from repetitive and aggressive movements. This mode enhances flexibility, reduces fatigue, boosts endurance, and reduces muscle soreness.
  • Shiatsu: High intensity and point-based massage with varied rhythmic pressures on different parts of the body. Shiatsu helps to relieve severe tension in the muscles and connective tissues, relieves blockages, and rejuvenates the body.
  • Stretch: This program is wholly devoted to stretching. Stretching improves flexibility and promotes mobility through the body while relaxing muscles, enhancing muscular coordination, improving posture, and providing a sense of well-being.
  • TV mode: The Luraco i9 Medical Massage chair reclines into a comfortable position with a soothing foot massage, perfect for watching TV.
Luraco i9 Manual Programs

Manuals Programs

Manual Programs allow you to customize a massage for a specific part of your body. On the screen, choose which body part, or parts, you would like to have massaged to activate the chair. Spot mode pinpoints the rollers for a targeted massage where you need it the most. You also have control over multiple kneading and tapping settings to tailor the massage to your needs. Once your massage has concluded, you can save it to recall later.

Luraco i9 Sleep Settings

Sleep Settings

After your massage is finished, the Luraco i9 medical massage chair will return to its upright position. However, the sleep setting will stay in its current recline position, allowing you to sleep in peace.

Luraco i9 Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

The heat helps to loosen the muscle fibers and connective tissues for a better massage experience while warming your core to help with circulation. The Luraco i9 offers heat therapy in the hands, lower back, and feet with five levels of heat intensity.

Luraco i9 Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Sync Bluetooth-capable media devices to the i9, listen to your favorite music or podcast or relax your mind with soothing music or guided meditation.

Luraco i9 Voice Response

Voice Response

The Luraco i9 medical massage chair can respond in either English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. In addition, you have the ability the adjust the volume or even turn it off.

Luraco i9 User Profiles

User Profiles

With every massage, the Luraco i9 medical massage chair will start a body scan. Once your massage program has concluded, you can save it in one of the five user profiles, and it will remember the body scan, so you do not have to do it again. You can also program manual massages and save them.

Luraco i9 Touchscreen Keypad

Touch Screen Keypad

The touch screen keypad of the Luraco i9 medical massage chair has been dramatically improved. The patented controller is very user-friendly and is as easy as using a smartphone. You can also set a pin to lock the massage chair when not in use.

Luraco i9 Leather

Luxury Leather

The i9 feels luxurious wrapped in a car quality leather making it unlike any other chair on the market. The Luraco i9 looks as great as it feels!

Luraco i9 USB Charging

USB Charging

Located on the side for convenience, dual USB chargers are available to recharge your electronic devices.

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Country of ManufactureUnited States
Massage Roller3D Quad Style Butterfly Roller
Massage Roller Track60" Split-Track - Best of S-Track and L-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments5 Levels of Intensity in 6 Areas
Glute MassageMassage Roller and Compression massage
Removable Back PadYes
Body Scan TechnologyAdvanced Technology
Foot MassageTriple Foot Rollers and Compression Massage
Zero Gravity ReclineYes
Automatic Programs9 Programs
Manual ProgramsYes
Massage TechniquesMultiple Techniques
Deep Tissue MassageYes
Stretch ProgramYes
Memory Program5 User Profiles
Heat TherapyLumbar, Arms, and Feet
Total Airbags100
Airbag Intensity Adjustments5 Levels by Region
Calf MassageCalf Roller and Compression Massage
Ottoman Length AdjustmentAutomatic with Footstop
Bluetooth SpeakersYes
Timer Setting5-30 Minues
Device ChargingUSB Charginf
Air MassageShoulders, Arms, Waist, Lumbar, Seat, Calves, and Feet
Distance to Wall30"
Height Range5'0-6'10"
Controller TypesTouchscreen Keypad
Dimensions Upright61”L X 38”W X 48”H
Dimensions Recline81”L X 38”W X 47”H
Seat Width22"
Shipping Dimensions70”L X 32”W X 46”H
Shipping Weight315lbs.
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty


Luraco covers their massage chair for Home Use with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. The First 3 years include Parts and Labor. Parts replacement is covered for 5 years. The Structural Framework of the chair is covered for 5 years.


Luraco offers an Extended Warranty option for purchase. The Extended Warranty option covers the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair with 5 years of comprehensive coverage that includes Parts, Labor, and Structural Framework for 5 years.


Luraco covers their massage chairs for Commercial Use with 1 Year Limited Warranty. The First 6 months cover parts and labor. Parts Replacement is covered for 1 year along with the Structural Framework.

To obtain service on your Luraco massage chair call 817.633.1080 or email




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