Human Touch Novo XT2 Review
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Human Touch Novo XT2 Review

Human Touch Novo XT2 Review

Anyone who knows high-end massage chairs knows Human Touch makes some of the best models on the market. The company takes comfort, ergonomics and high-quality construction to the next level. The new Human Touch Novo XT2 Massage Chair is no exception.

With a published MSRP of $8,899.99, you would probably expect the latest technology and comfort in the Novo XT2.

And, in fact, the Novo XT2 takes over where many other models leave off, using what the company calls - the most advanced 3D technology in the massage chair industry.

But what does that mean exactly?

The Novo XT2 has:

  • The longest massage stroke available, with a hybrid L/S-track that extends to massage the glutes and thighs
  • Two zero gravity positions that lift the legs above the heart for a feeling of weightlessness and total relaxation
  • Bluetooth connectivity to enhance the sensory experience
  • Quad rollers that mimic the natural motions of a human masseuse
  • Extension arms on the massage rollers that provide a what Human Touch call a 3D massage, extending 3 inches beyond the track
  • New updated Altec Lansing Premium Sound System. Some of the best speakers on any massage chair
  • 8 Built-In Nature Tracks
  • New updated tile style remote that is easy to use and choose your programs

So… How does it feel?

The Novo XT2 offers luxury, weightlessness, and an immersive full-body massage

Nestle into the Novo XT2 and you are instantly enveloped in soft, supple leather and transported to a land of total relaxation. When we say enveloped, we mean it. The Novo XT2 exemplifies immersive technology.

Add your favorite relaxation soundscapes, meditation, or music to the mix via the Bluetooth connection and the world around you vanishes—along with any worries or concerns. At least while you are in the chair. And is not that one of the goals of a good massage? Complete relaxation.

If you are claustrophobic, the Novo XT may not offer the right massage experience for you. Airbags wrap around your calves and ankles, and the armrests feature cutouts in the armrests that envelope your hands, wrists, and forearms.

These components provide an air pressure massage, compressing both legs and arms tightly. You can release yourself, but not without a fight. So it is best to relax and surrender to the comfort of having the stress squeezed away.

All of this only serves to contribute to the fully immersive experience, as do the six preset massage modes, which let you set it and forget it for a full 30 minutes while the chair works its magic.

The massage chair is rated for users of up to 285 pounds. In a store setting, it had no problems accommodating anyone from petite women to taller men. The chair conforms to your body and the adjustable airbags, help provide a perfect fit.

Aesthetics and Construction: Top of the Line

The chair is bold yet elegant look sets it apart from other massage chairs. Like a luxury vehicle, the Novo XT2 stands out in a crowd and, as such, is likely to impress your friends. And while that may not be a significant factor in your purchasing decision, it warrants a thought.

If a chair can look both technologically advanced (almost like it belongs on the set of a Sci-Fi movie) and traditional at the same time, the Novo XT2 accomplishes this with its airbags and contours set atop a background of classic black, taupe brown, or taupe leather.

The Novo XT2 also has a wall-hugging feature. The Novo XT2 requires only 2 inches clearance between the back of the chair and the wall.

Capabilities and Functions: Everything You would Expect and more from a Massage Chair

Even before your massage begins, the Human Touch Novo XT2 is getting ready to please. We mentioned the 3D technology which adjusts the rollers to hit your pressure points. If the chair misreads your body, as it sometimes does, you can manually adjust the rollers and the width of the massage field using the handheld remote to create an experience that feels perfect to you.

Once you are ready to settle in, you will have some choices to make, which you can do via the handheld remote or the Human Touch app. If you are not in the mood to think about customizing every minute of the massage, the Human Touch Novo XT2 provides 34 different massage programs.

Zero Gravity Massage gives a Sense of Weightlessness

Not every massage chair offers this high-end feature, but several in the Human Touch line boast Zero Gravity massage. However, the Novo XT2 is currently one of the few models to feature two Zero Gravity positions. By lifting your feet slightly above your heart, the Zero Gravity setting pushes you deeper into the chair for a more intense massage.

Elevate even more, and you will experience a sense of weightlessness that adds to the massage experience as the world around you melts away.

Air Massage for Ultimate Relaxation and Comfort

Again, not every massage chair offers this feature. But at the price point of the Human Touch Novo XT2, you really should expect all the bells and whistles.

If you have never had an air massage, it is a different feeling. You will experience a cozy sense of comfort as your limbs and core are enveloped in a super-soft material.

When the airbags release your muscles, you suddenly experience a lightweight feeling of comfort. Revitalized muscles. Overall well-being.

The Novo XT2 divides the airbags into seven zones on the body and provides five levels of intensity adjustment. Beginners will want to start on the first setting, which still achieves the goal of compression followed by comfort without squeezing too tightly.

Quad Rollers and S/L Track offer a Versatile Massage Experience

While many users prefer Japanese-style dual massage rollers, the Quad Rollers employed on the Novo XT2 provide a unique massage experience that is effective, comfortable, and versatile. The chair feels as much like a massage from a human as any we have experienced.

The L/S track is designed to cover the whole body and hit all pressure points, which it does. Whatever massage experience you desire, the Human Touch Novo XT2 can deliver.

Ease of Use: Intuitive User Interface

Like many chairs, the Novo XT2 features a handheld remote connected to the chair by a cord,

It has a one-touch off button to halt any massage instantly should you need to get out of the chair. The massage stops, airbags deflate, and if the chair is elevated in a zero gravity position, it glides to an upright position in less than one second.

The remote is relatively user-friendly, especially if you select the pre-set programs.

Two buttons, Auto and Manual, let you choose the type of massage. Hit Auto and toggle through the six massage programs until you find the one you like. Or choose Manual and select the speed and intensity for each zone of your body.

The remote also has buttons to adjust the position of the footrest and backrest with one touch. Nine buttons on the lower third of the remote provide control over: The speed of the massage, the zone to target, the air intensity of the airbags, the airbag zone, the width between rollers, heat, time for the massage, the foot rollers (on or off), and, at the center, a button to turn on the 3D massage experience. The 3D function gives the rollers an extended point of contact to target deeper muscles.

My one pet peeve about the remote? Although the buttons were intuitive, the toggle features took more time than a scroll-and-go smartphone user is accustomed to. And speaking of smartphones and touch screen capabilities...

The glass screen and graphics on the top third of the remote looked like it should have LED touch functionality. Alas, it did not. This left me poking at the little boxes and zones and wondering why nothing was happening until the realization hit. I said to the salesperson, Wait, this is not a touch screen? Why NOT?

You can also turn on the massage chairs Bluetooth function through the app to tap into your entire music collection or your choice of streaming internet radio such as Pandora or Spotify.

Our Recommendation - Massage Chair Experts

If cost is not a concern and you are looking for a top-of-the-line chair that is packed with features, the Human Touch Novo XT2 will not disappoint. The Novo XT2 is one of the best L-Track massage chairs on the market today.

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