Osaki OS-4000T Review
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Osaki OS-4000T Review

Osaki OS-4000T Review

If you are on a budget and are looking for great value, the Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair is the massage chair for you. Maybe this is a bold statement, but let me explain why I feel that the price of the OS-4000T is unmatched for the features it offers. You probably have taken many considerations when deciding to buy a massage chair. You want a chair that has the best features, offering the best technology. It is essential to buy from a company you trust or a brand that you recognize. You need to know that the massage chair you buy is of high quality and will last for years to come. You want your massage chair to possess all of these qualities. However, you want them all at the right price. The Osaki OS-4000T gives you everything you want at a pretty irresistible price point.

Zero Gravity Recline

After using the Osaki OS-4000T, I immediately fell in love with the Zero Gravity feature. If you have never heard of Zero Gravity, I can only tell you about it, and how it makes you feel, but you need to try it for yourself to get the real meaning of Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity is a position developed by NASA that the chair reclines to where your feet are raised to the same level as your heart. This reduces the strain of gravity on your vertebrae, relieving the discomfort of back pain. This position also increases circulation allowing your heart to work less and you to relax more. The feeling is unlike any other that I have ever experienced, complete weightlessness. Now other chairs offer Zero Gravity Technology and do it very well but at about twice the price of the OS-4000T. The OS-4000T also has 2 automatic Zero Gravity settings reclining you to the sweet spot with absolutely no thought required from you.

30in Roller Stroke

We cannot talk about the OS-4000T and not mention the 30-inch massage stroke. Why is this important? Well, when you sit in a massage chair, you expect it to come close to, or at least get somewhere near the massage you would get from a real person. The massage stroke should then span the length of your back, right? The Osaki OS-4000T does just that. The human touch massage rollers reach from the base of your neck down into the lumbar region, soothing every tight, tense spot along the way.

Great Warranty

The best way to judge that a product is well made is by the companies warranty on the product. After all, what good are all the fancy features if none of them are working? Osaki covers the OS-4000T by one of the industry best warranties, giving you coverage comparable to some of the most expensive chairs like Panasonic and Sanyo. Even better than the other warranties, the Osaki OS-4000T can be used in a commercial setting without voiding the warranty. So taking your massage chair into your business, whether it be a chiropractic practice, spa, executive office, healing center, or waiting room, where it is used all day long, your chair will still be covered— great peace of mind.

48 Airbag Compression System

Yes, the OS-4000T has 48 airbags! Airbags cushion the body and enhance the weightless feeling that the Zero Gravity position achieves, which puts you up on a cloud. With the use of these airbags, the Osaki OS-4000T again gets very close to the feeling of human hands by making your massage extremely versatile. When sitting in the chair, the airbags mimic the hand movements of a massage therapist. A massage therapist is very flexible, using their hands to massage the various areas of the body, applying pressure when necessary, and using different techniques to achieve relaxation and detoxification of the body. Now, a massage chair with just 4 airbags could only perform very few massage strokes and reach very few areas of the body. Compare that to the 48 airbags used in the OS-4000T, reaching head to toe smoothly transitioning from targeted pressure to rolling compression. Add to that 5 pressure settings to give you absolute control of the massage intensity.

Body Scan Technology

One of the most important features of a massage chair is the body scan technology. It does exactly what you would think; at the press of a button, a sensor scans your body, detecting your entire body curve. Why would a massage chair need body scan technology? Well, the chair can tell where you are in the chair (as everyone is built differently) and position its massage rollers to the exact curve of your body. You also feel the chair adjusting to your height and width, ensuring that you are entirely comfortable and that none of your body is missed by the rollers. With the body scan feature, you will never experience too much pressure and again brings a humanistic aspect to the massage.

S-Track Technology

It feels like I am going on and on, but this next feature is well worth mentioning. Working in conjunction with the Body Scan Technology, the Osaki OS-4000T uses what they call the S-track Intelligent Massage Robot. This massage robot takes the Body Scan information and creates a massage specific to your needs, putting a little extra work in where it counts: the neck, shoulder, and lumbar regions.

More Features

The Osaki OS-4000T has a control panel and remote control for easy use of the chairs in multiple settings. You never need to move; adjust settings on the cordless remote. The only thing this chair is missing when compared to higher-priced chairs is an MP3 player.

I almost forgot to mention something that our customers love about this chair, HEAT. Heating your back during massage not only calms the nerves and eases back pain instantly, but it also relaxes and softens the back muscles enhancing the benefits of massage.

It sounds like I am trying to talk up this chair, but we sell many chairs and many other brands. Osaki has just done a great job figuring out what customers want and somehow manages to deliver at a great price. That said, I am sure you know that I recommend this chair!

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