Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Review
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Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Review


A Massage Journey to Cloud Nine

Are you in search of the perfect massage chair that can provide a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home? Look no further than the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D! This chair is the latest addition to Osaki's line of massage chairs and is equipped with advanced features and technology that provide an unparalleled level of relaxation.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D, examining its features, benefits, and drawbacks. We will explore its design, comfort level, massage techniques, and overall performance to help you decide if this massage chair is the right fit for your needs.

Reviewed Features

4D Massage Roller with SL-Track

The chair also features 4D massage technology that travels along an SL-Track, which means it can adjust the depth and speed of the massage rollers, creating a more realistic and personalized massage experience. The 4D technology allows the massage rollers to move in and out, up and down, and side to side, providing a comprehensive and thorough massage along with humanistic moments of speed variations.

Zero Gravity Recline

The chair is also designed for optimal comfort, with a zero-gravity recline feature that elevates your feet above your heart, reducing pressure on your spine and providing a weightless feeling. The chair's headrest is adjustable, and the backrest and footrest can be extended or retracted to fit your height and leg length. This feature reclines the chair to a position that evenly distributes your weight, taking the pressure off your spine and joints.

Air Massage System

In addition to its 4D massage technology, the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D also features an air massage system. This system includes airbags located throughout the chair that inflate and deflate, providing a compression massage to different parts of the body.

The air massage system focuses on the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, helping to improve circulation and relieve tension in these areas. The air massage system can also be customized to your liking, with adjustable intensity and speed settings.

Heat Therapy

For an added level of relaxation, the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D also features heat therapy. The chair's heating elements are located in the backrest and footrest, providing a warm and soothing sensation during your massage.

Heat therapy can help to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain in sore muscles and joints. The heat therapy feature can be turned on or off, and the temperature can be adjusted to your preference.

Entertainment Features

The Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D also includes several entertainment features to enhance your massage experience. The chair is equipped with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to connect your smartphone or other device and play your favorite music or podcasts.

The chair also includes a wireless, so you can keep your devices charged while you enjoy your massage. The chair's remote control also includes a touchscreen display that allows you to access different massage programs and entertainment features easily.

More Features

To fully cover our Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Review, here are more features: kneading calf massage, armrest controls, easy to use touchscreen tablet, voice control, foot rollers, and more.



Q: Is the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D difficult to assemble?

A: No, the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D comes with clear instructions, and assembly is relatively easy. It typically takes around 30-45 minutes to assemble the chair.

Q: Can the massage programs be customized?

A: Yes, the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D allows you to customize the massage programs to your liking, including speed, intensity, and width settings.

Q: How much space does the chair require?

A:The Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D requires a fair amount of space, with a recommended clearance of at least two feet around the chair.

Q: What is the weight capacity of the chair?

A: The Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D can accommodate users up to 265 pounds.

Q: How much space does the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D require?

A: The chair requires approximately 5 inches of clearance from the wall when fully reclined.

Pros and Cons

Before investing in a massage chair, it's essential to consider both its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D:


  • State-of-the-art 4D massage technology provides a personalized and realistic massage experience.
  • Sl-Track for a massage from your neck to your glutes.
  • Air massage system helps improve circulation and relieve tension in different areas of the body.
  • Zero-gravity recline feature reduces pressure on the spine and provides a weightless feeling.
  • Heat therapy feature helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in sore muscles and joints.
  • Entertainment features, including Bluetooth speakers and a wireless charging, enhance the massage experience.


  • The chair is relatively expensive, which may not be affordable for some users.

What Some Customers Are Saying

“Searched massage chairs for months, and there were too many to choose from. Tried many, all had good points but after reading up on this Osaki OS-Highpointe and ordered one. Was skeptical at first not being able to actually sit in one and try it out, there were a few reviews either since it was a newly released chair, but when it arrived WOW. Looks great in my living room and the massage is incredible. So many features that it will take a long time to try them all out. Thumbs up!!”


The Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D is a top-of-the-line massage chair that offers an exceptional level of relaxation and comfort. Its state-of-the-art 4D massage technology, air massage system, and heat therapy feature provide a personalized and thorough massage experience.

While the chair's price tag may be steep for some, its many features and customizable settings make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their home massage experience. If you're looking for a high-quality massage chair, the Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D is definitely worth considering.

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