Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore - Expert Video Review
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Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore - Expert Video Review

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Osaki OS-Pro 4D Encore - Expert Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassagechair.com. And today, we're at the Osaki/Titan/Amamedic Showroom, and we are going to show you the Osaka OS-Pro 4D Encore massage chair.

4D Massage

Now, the Encore is an excellent massage. It provides 4D massage from the head, neck and shoulders all the way down the SL-Track under the seat for the glutes.

Head Pad

Now we like this chair. The styling is great, but it's also a really comfortable chair. It has a pad that can be like a head pad, or you can unfold it for it to be a backpack as well, which is great. You can also just move it all the way out of the way if you'd like to get a better neck and shoulder massage.


Now this massage chair features eight massage programs, and of those eight programs, there's a program called Extension. And I really like that program. It's like a fusion of Thai with stretching.

So Thai massage is stretching based, and then the stretch programs that we utilize here in the US will stretch out the legs as well as holding the shoulders in place and stretching the spine. So it's a great stretching chair if you want some recovery after a workout, good choice.

Heat and Foot Massage

I really love this chair because it has heat in the lumbar as well as in the calves. So the calf massage is going to be knee and calf. And then you do have three spinning roller tracks down under the feet for reflexology style foot massage. It feels really great. They did a great job with the foot rollers on this chair.

This chair will accommodate those up to 6'5". So you'll have a user from about 5" to 6'5". So you have plenty of room in this chair. This chair also has an easy-to-use remote so that you can access all of your massage programs. I just use the spa-style massage. That one's really relaxing. So great stretching. Great relaxation style massages.

Compression Massage

You have full body air compression starting here at the shoulders on down for the hand and arm. You have the calf and knee massage that I spoke about, and then the foot air compression as well aids in those foot rollers. Now the Encore is a great chair.

Bluetooth Speakers

It has Bluetooth for your speakers. You can use any Bluetooth device to listen to your own music while you relax in this chair.

If you have any questions about the new Encore massage chair from Osaki, please feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996. You can chat with us online, or you can email us your questions at support@emassagechair.com. Thanks so much for watching.

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