Osaki OS-Pro First Class - Expert Video Review
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Osaki OS-Pro First Class - Expert Video Review


Osaki OS-Pro First Class - Expert Video Review (transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassagechair.com, and this is the Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair. We're really excited about this new release. It's a great 3D L-Track massage. It will provide massage from the back of the head, neck and shoulders all the way down under the seat for the glutes as well. This particular chair features really great stretching.

It has a really fantastic stretch program that I really enjoy. It really pulls down on the leg, stretching through the spine, pulling back with the shoulders, and then it will alternate the back airbag with the shoulder airbag to kind of rotate your hips back and forth. So I particularly love the stretching. So if you're into stretching and deep tissue massage, this is definitely a chair for you.

It's a really good massage for basically everyone because it is 3D, so it will adjust based on your preferences. If you have someone in the family that really likes deep tissue and someone that really likes a mild massage, you can accommodate both of you with this one.

Compression Massage

This chair has full body air compression, so 24 airbags. You have shoulder airbags. You have low back, airbags, hand and arm, foot and calf as well. This chair also features an adjustable Ottoman and has massage for the back of the calves. It's got kneading rollers back there.

Touchscreen Remote and Programs

So, some things that we really love about this chair is easy to use remote. It's a touch screen remote which will allow you to use the programs really easily. There are 23 automatic programs on this chair, and they're separated up into segments of four different categories, so you can really easily get to the programs that you love. You'll also have three memory settings on here, which is fantastic.

Most massage chairs don't have memory settings. This means that you're able to create your own massage program and then save it to the chair and use it as you'd like to. So with the three different settings, you can have three different users with different settings. Or say you want a neck and shoulder program that you've created for yourself. You could do that and a low back program. You can really do anything you'd like with those memory settings, which is really nice.

Arm Controls

Now you also have hand and arm controls here on the side. The hand and arm controls will allow you to adjust the ottoman in and out. You're also able to adjust your recline angle, and you also have the ability to move the rollers up and down. You can power the chair off as well if you'd like, and you have an auto program button as well, so you can scroll through your automatic programs there as well.

USB Port

You do have a USB Port on this chair which allows you to charge your phone while you're using the chair. That's really handy. There's also a nice little slot where you can put your phone into while you're sitting in the chair.

Negative Ion System

Now you also have some really unique features with this chair, such as a negative ion system. Here what it will do is we'll take the negative particles out of the air, and that's like pollutants such as pollen or any other dust, so it will create a more restful environment. So a totally immersive massage experience with this chair.

Grasp and Knead

Now some things that we particularly enjoy that most massage chairs don't feature would be the grasp and knead function. So in the manual settings of the chair you'll be able to access the grasp function. What it's going to do is act just like a grasping of the rollers, just like human hands. So thumb and forefingers grasping at the shoulders it positions the rollers in exactly the right place for a grasping shoulder massage which feels fantastic.

Favorite Programs

Now some of our other favorite programs on this chair would be the Thai program. I really liked the joint program. I'm really focused a lot on the neck and shoulders and doing some really precise movements there, so it felt very good. Overall, the chair provides just a really thorough massage.

Foot Rollers

Don't want to forget about the foot rollers. It does have very good foot rollers, and because your foot is inside of the ottoman, it provides a very thorough foot massage. So the rollers will travel along the whole bottom of the foot, and then you have the air compression that wraps around the foot for a really great foot massage.

Bluetooth Speakers

You do have Bluetooth as well, so when you are using your chair you will be able to play your own music through the chair. Connected right up with any smartphone or smart device So that you can enjoy your music through the chair.


Now, this chair is durable and beautiful. It looks great in your home. The stitching on the chair is really nice. It has this great diamond pattern, so overall this chair is just... we love it.

So if you have any questions about the Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair we are glad to answer your questions for you. Feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996, or you can always chat with us online or feel free to email us at support@emassagechair.com, and we would be glad to help. Thank you for watching. Bye.

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