Panasonic EP-MA70 Review
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Panasonic EP-MA70 Review

The Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out our 3D Massage Chairs, Japanese Massage Chairs, S-Track Massage Chairs or shop All Massage Chairs

Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair

The Panasonic EP-MA70 massage chair is one of the best massage chairs on the market. Panasonic has spent over 4 decades fine tuning their massage products and this is all very noticeable in the EP-MA70. This chair is part of the Real Pro Ultra Series that also includes the EP-30007. The Real Pro Ultra Series was designed to offer the most lifelike experience, massage methods, through an easy to use remote. We are going to do a full review of the EP-MA70 massage chair and talk about the massage roller, the airbags, some special features, and the craftsmanship of the chair to help shoppers get a better understanding of what this chair has to offer.

Lifelike High Quality Massage Roller

The EP-MA70 has a 31-inch roller stroke that will provide plenty of coverage to someone 4ft-8in to around 6ft-2in depending on their build. The roller has a very high quality design and is both gentle and firm. Unlike other massage chairs it does not feel robotic at all. It also has one of the most forward thinking designs with Jade Heated Rollers. Unlike other massage chairs that have a heating element located in a certain area of the chair, the EP-MA70 has heat built into the massage rollers themselves. These are designed using Jade and are dubbed Jade Heated Rollers. Of course you can turn the Heat On or Off at any time. The EP-MA70 also provides a very deep massage and was the very first chair ever to offer a 3D roller. It also has five levels of intensity settings and a special Deep Massage program designed to benefit people with deep injuries or tough to reach areas of the back.

Quality Airbag Massage

The airbag placement in the EP-MA70 compliments the massage roller greatly, providing compression therapy to parts of the body the roller cannot reach. Another detail about the airbags is their quality. They have a high quality design and do not feel like an air bladder squeezing in one area. They are gentle but provide a very gradual and deep squeeze. They pulse in and out and have a special ribbed design to help activate pressure points. The Arm Airbags are also designed with special acupressure nodes to provide a better and more therapeutic experience. They do this by activating more pressure points and muscles throughout the forearms and the hands. The airbags also come with 3 different levels of intensity depending on how deep you want the airbag massage. There are 33 total airbags located in the feet, calves, buttocks, arms, hands, waist, and shoulders.

Programs Designed After Real Techniques

The Real Pro Ultra massage chairs took a lot of inspiration from true to life massage therapy sessions. Each program was designed to have a specific focus on the body to activate different healing and relaxation effects. There are 6 different programs to choose from as well as User Profiles where you can save your favorite massage styles or sessions. There is three profiles total and help add to the fully customizable experience the Panasonic EP-MA70 offers. As an added benefit Panasonic also includes the descriptions to each method used and how it targets the body in the instruction manual. You can also listen to the voice guidance system that talks about the massage and what its doing during a massage. On top of the Automatic Programs there are also manual programs that focus on specific parts of the body. There are 5 Manual programs that focus on the Neck, Shoulder, Full Back, Middle Back, and Lower Back.

Special Features

Since the Panasonic EP-MA70 is the top of the line chair made by Panasonic it comes with some very unique special features. They chair acts as a great living room chair or sitting lounger as well. The EP-MA70 comes with a reversible ottoman. It ss very easy to use by simply pressing a lever and turning the ottoman. This is great thing because you can raise or lower the ottoman without having to get a massage, and just relax like a traditional recliner. The EP-MA70 also comes with additional back padding to use when not getting a massage. This Back Padding can also be removed completely or simply flipped over the back of the chair when not in use. The EP-MA70 is one of the only chairs available that is able to be both a fully functioning massage chair and Functioning Lounger that will fit into any homes décor.

Manufacturer Warranty

Panasonic massage chairs are well known for being long lasting. The design and development of the chairs are done with the highest quality standards. Even with the high quality manufacturing Panasonic has a great warranty program on the EP-MA70. Panasonic covers this chair with 3 years of in-home service, and 5 years of Parts Replacement, totaling 5 years of coverage.

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