What is 4D Massage?

When looking at massage chairs you’ll see several options for 2D, 3D, or 4D massage. You may be thinking "What's the difference?" and "Which one is right for me?" Let's take a look.

2D massage chairs utilize a roller mechanism with 2-dimensional roller movement. The rollers travel up and down the roller track. Though you do have the ability to adjust this type of massage intensity, you are only adjusting the speed of the rollers, in turn how vigorous the massage feels because the rollers are passing over the muscles more frequently. You aren't actually adjusting the massage pressure.

For 3D, it’s fairly easy to understand then that the rollers will move with 3-dimensional movement. The rollers move forward and back to apply more or less pressure as well as up and down the track. They can also be adjusted for speed to be even more vigorous if desired.

Then 4D comes along and confuses everything! This technology is described as 4D to differentiate that the rollers move both forward and back, up and down, and side to side and many chairs also reverse roller direction. A huge factor in making for a better massage experience is the use of better body scan technology in conjunction with massage sensors to locate each curve of the body and position the rollers accurately for each user. Another characteristic of the 4D massage experience is that the chair can perform faster or slower massage styles, instead of just one speed. Some 2D and 3D chairs may have manual speed adjustments. This is true, however, on a 4D massage chair the adjustments are preprogrammed, meaning that you can just relax, and the speed will adjust to make whichever style you are enjoying feel even more realistic. So, the massage programming is also better due to more advanced microchips in these chairs. You’ll have more massage programs with a wider range of styles or modalities to choose from. This variation in roller position, speed, and forward backward motion creates a very humanlike massage experience, described best as 4D.

4D Massage Technology vs. 3D Massage Technology

Both 3D and 4D massage chairs are adjustable in intensity and offer various massage styles. In general, most 4D massage chairs will offer a smoother and more humanlike experience than 3D chairs as the programming and roller capability surpass that of the 3D chairs.

Some 3D chairs will be smoother and more humanlike that others. 4D is not always better than 3D and some companies may call their chair “4D” when in actuality it’s 3D. There are many chairs that are 3D that we would recommend over some 4D chairs. So, who is a 4D massage chair made for and which 4D chairs do we recommend? Great questions that we’ll answer below.

Is a 4D massage chair right for me?

The Massage Connoisseur: 4D chairs are the closest to human provided massage. This means that if you are used to visiting a massage therapist in person for regular massage, you likely will notice the vast capabilities and many massage styles offered on a 4D chair. You’ll appreciate its humanlike ability. You’ll also really love that you can adjust the chair to preform where you want on demand when you can’t always do that at a massage therapy appointment (humans don’t always do exactly what you want!).

The Luxury Seeker: 4D massage chairs are also known to have a fuller feature set. This means adjusting your massage is likely easier and you can often save your favorite options. Most 4D chairs have more massage programs to choose from with more massage combinations. The material on our Premium 4D chairs is noticeably better in quality. The foot and calf massage tend to be more immersive. 4D chairs have better robotics and computer programming as well as better pressure sensors, giving an overall more luxurious massage experience.

A Family Affair: If you’re looking for a chair that will accommodate the whole family, you can usually find a wider range of massage intensities and styles with a 4D massage chair. This will allow more users to enjoy their massage, even if they have very different ideas about what a great massage should feel like!

Best 4D Massage Chairs:

When shopping for the Best 4D Massage Chair, there are many factors to consider. Massage coverage, massage programming, massage technology, ease of use, massage features…to name a few! Our Massage Chair Experts™ have used all the 4D massage chairs available at length to determine which chairs really have it all! We are evaluating these chairs to find out if they have the Look, Feel, and Quality that our customers deserve. We also gladly accept our customers' feedback to help in choosing our Best 4D Massage Chairs.