Tips on Choosing the Right Massage Chair

Tips on Choosing the Right Massage Chair

We love our customers and are so happy when they call us. A common question that that many customers ask us is “What is your best massage chair?” We find it hard to answer that question because it really is different for every user. Here are some tips on choosing the right massage chair before you purchase to ensure you order the “best massage chair” for you!

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Do you have any height or weight restrictions that narrow your massage chair selection?

We recommend that if you are taller or shorter than average or smaller or larger than average, that you call us about the height or weight limitations on the chair you are looking at. The massage roller length of the massage chair is important if you are taller than 6 ft. You will want to find a chair with a roller stroke of at least 30 inches. If you are shorter than 5 ft., there are massage chairs that cater to smaller users as well. We find that the fit of your massage chair can greatly affect your massage experience, so be sure to check on the massage chair specs or call us for more information.

What type of massage do you prefer?

It is important to think about the style of massage that feels best to you. Everyone is different, so you really should think about how much pressure you like and if there is a specific style that you especially enjoy. For instance if you want deep pressure massage, you will love the Infinity IT-8500 or the Osaki OS-7075R. If you want the back or your legs massaged, the new Osaki OS-3000 Chiro has seat rollers that feel great on your hamstrings and glutes! If you have back pain or an injury, maybe you should look towards a massage chair with Zero Gravity and adjustable pressure like the Osaki OS-7200H where you have 5 intensity settings.

PRICE! Do you have a budget?

We have a large selection of massage chairs and we are sure to have one within reach financially. We are more than happy to narrow down your search for you, or you can use the helpful tool on our website and sort by price. After you click on All Massage Chairs or after you have selected a brand, you’ll see the sort by bar in the top right corner. Simply scroll to “price” and view and compare massage chairs with ease. A customer favorite under $3000 dollars is the Infinity IT-8100, and it is not lacking in features or massage technique. You will enjoy Zero Gravity, full body air massage, and roller massage for the soles of your feet.

Who will be using the chair?

Will you be the only user of the massage chair or will others be using the chair? Is the chair for the home or for an office space or commercial location? If the massage chair is for a friend or relative, make sure you consider their age and comfort level with regard to pressure. If you are buying for your commercial space, the Osaki OS-4000 and OS-7200H may be good choices as their warranty does not void in commercial settings. In any case, we are happy to guide you. Just let us know who you’re buying for and we are here to help.

As always, it is best to contact us if you have questions or if you’d like a recommendation. We are always available to help you and can be reached by calling 888.360.9996, or by emailing us at Have a question you’d like me to answer? Email me at and I’ll be more than happy to answer your question for you!

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