Where are Osaki Massage Chairs Made?

Where are Osaki Massage Chairs Made?


Where are Osaki massage chairs made? This is an excellent question since many of our customers believe Osaki products are all made in Japan. But are they? Today, we will be answering this question for you and bring a little clarity to the industry.

Yes, the name "Osaki" is a Japanese derived name, but the company itself is not Japanese and is based in the United States.

The truth is the majority of Osaki's top-selling massage chairs they manufactured in China, as well as about 90% of all their products. The rest they source from Taiwan or Japan. Today, about 95% of all massage chairs sold in the United States are manufactured in China.

Does Osaki carry Made in Japan models? Yes, Osaki does carry a 100% made in Japan model called the Osaki Japan 4s. This model is manufactured by Fujiiryoki, which is one of the top brands in Japan, along with Panasonic and Inada. You can see this model here - Osaki Japan 4S

Where are Osaki massage chairs made?

Does it matter where Massage Chairs are made?

Not necessarily. A lot of Japanese companies have moved their manufacturing to China, and with them, they brought advancements in technology and quality controls. These advancements lead to higher quality massage chairs with the best technology.

The factory they source their product from matter more. There are only a few top-tier factories that make the best quality products, but many low-quality ones that make a lot of inferior quality products.

The good this is - Osaki, as well as all the brands we carry, only source their massage chairs from the top tier factories. The strict quality controls ensure that all the products we sell are the best quality and will last for years to come.

Osaki is one of the largest distributors of massage chairs in the USA. However, they are not a global company and only sell chairs in the USA and Canada.

We hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888.360.9996, email us at support@emassagechair.com, or by chat (lower right).

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