Authorized Dealer is proud to be an authorized dealer of many massage chairs. These companies build these products with the highest level of pride and integrity, and takes pride in offering these products at the best possible prices and with the highest level of service. Being an Authorized Dealer means the team are approved partners with these companies with two primary goals in mind. The 1st is to bring its partners the highest quality massage chair products to market, and the 2nd is to offer the utmost service and savings to the US consumers and businesses.

We have chosen a select number of massage chairs to offer on our website based on reviews, product quality and reliability, and our personal use. We offer the chairs that we would recommend to our friends and family and would most like to use ourselves! With that, we offer all of the information you need to choose a massage chair that is best suited to you and your needs, right there on the product page. If you'd like more information, a Massage Chair Expert is ready to help you over the phone.

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