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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair is in a category of its own. Since this hybrid model combines an inversion stretch with an L-shaped massage track, it provides the same effect as a yoga stretch. You can experience a greater reach, a deeper stretch, and a better massage with the multi-stroke 6 rollers system.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Features

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid HybriFlex Massage Track

HybriFlex™ - Flexible Massage Track

The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair pushes technology forward with their all-new HybriFlex 49” massage track. This innovative track is bendable and allows the massage chair to pull your body back for a deep and natural stretch. Stretching and massage complement each other leading to less tension in injury-prone areas and giving you greater flexibility.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Roller

FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System

The FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke 6-Roller System results from a new massage roller design that separates the upper and lower massaging arms. The 2 upper massage rollers offer 25” of coverage from your neck to the middle of your back. The 3D roller can extend outward up to 3” for a deep massage. The 4 lower massage rollers offer 35” of coverage from the middle of your back to your things syncing movement with the upper rollers.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology

The 3D Smart Scan maps your entire back before each massage to provide a custom experience that is contoured to your spine.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Experience

The Zero Gravity Recline of the Supreme Hybrid shifts the recline angle, which evenly distributes your body weight and reducing pressure on joints and the body. You will experience a floating sensation that, over time, reduces chronic pain. Position 1: Removes all stress on the muscles to achieve a weightless environment. Position 2: Further elevates the legs above the position of the heart.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Legrest

Patented Leg Rest with Therapeutic Heat

The all-new patented leg rest of the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid offers a heated knee massage, a calf massage, and ankle & foot massage with triple reflexology rollers. You can enjoy an innovative holistic treatment that combines stretching, heat, compression massage, and reflexology. The reflexology massager targets three zones on the soles of the feet to massage and stimulates pressure points.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Compression Massage

Full Body Compression Massage

Based on a new design, the Supreme Hybrid uses more massaging airbags than ever for a total-body experience. 50 airbags use compression technology to massage muscles in the arms, shoulders, waist, legs, and feet. They are precisely programmed to rhythmically inflate & deflate in concert with the mechanics of the massage chair.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Automatic Programs

Automatic Programs

It’s easy to get a professional full-body massage by touching one of 36 expertly crafted massage sessions.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy

The Supreme Hybrid features heat in the lumbar along with knees. Heat therapy helps ease tension and stress, relieve arthritis pain, and heal sore muscles. Warm muscles are more pliable, making the massage treatments more effective. The thermal knee massage targets one of the most injury-prone spots on the body. During your automatic massage, the leg massager moves from the ankles up to the knee while applying heat and gentle airbag modulations to stretch tendons and soothe painful inflammation.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Space Saving Design

Space-Saving Design

The unibody design of the Supreme Hybrid looks natural as it swivels back into a recline position. Once reclined, the massage chair requires almost no room to the wall allowing you to adapt the chair to various places.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Touchscreen Tablet

Touchscreen Tablet

With the Tablet, you’re in control. The tablet mounts in easy to reach place, and the display dynamically changes as you use the chair. All of the features are at your fingertips, and you can control all aspects of your massage quickly and easily.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Quick Access Controls

Quick Access Controls

The massage chair’s armrest console offers a secondary remote that uses buttons and dials to make frequent adjustments quick and easy. Easily control massage depth, zero gravity, heat, recline, and powered leg rest.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

High-quality compact speakers are mounted near your ears for a surround sound experience. Wirelessly connect your favorite Bluetooth device to experience the benefits of music therapy. And the "Rythmn" manual massage mode will work your muscles in sync with the music.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Charging

Wireless QI & USB Charging Ports

Keep your devices charged with Daiwa Supreme Hybrid’s convenient USB charging port. Or use the QI wireless charging if your device supports it.

Country of ManufactureChina
Massage RollerDual 3D Quad Style Rollers
Massage Roller Track60" (Upper 25" / Lower 35") Flexible L-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments5 Levels of 3D and Speed Adjustments
Glute MassageMassage Roller
Removable Back PadYes
Body Scan TechnologySmart 3D Body Scan
Foot MassageFoot Rollers and Air Compression
Zero Gravity Recline2 Positions
Inversion TherapyYes
Automatic Programs36
Manual ProgramsWhole, Partial, Point
Massage TechniquesKneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, Rhythm
Deep Tissue MassageYes
Stretch ProgramYes
Heat TherapyCalf, Knee, Lumbar
Total Airbags50 Airbags
Airbag Intensity AdjustmentsYes
Calf MassageCompression Massage
Ottoman Length AdjustmentAutomatic
Bluetooth SpeakersYes
UpholsterySynthetic Leather
Timer Setting10, 20, 30 Minutes
Device ChargingUSB Charging, Wireless Charging
Air MassageShoulders, Arms and Hands, Waist and Hips, Lumbar, Calves, and Feet
Distance to Wall2"
Height Range4'8" - 6'6"
Controller TypesTouchscreen Tablet Remote
Controller LanguagesEnglish, Chinese
Dimensions Upright67"L x 33.5"W x 49"H
Shipping Dimensions57.9"L x 30"W x 48.1"H, 41.8"L x 13.8"W x 29.2"H, 22.9"L x 19.7"W x 20.9"H
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty


Daiwa massage chair has a 3-year limited warranty. Daiwa covers labor for 1 year and 3 years on parts.

If service is needed, customers can contact the Daiwa service department directly at 1-800-241-2221 or via e-mail at support@daiwamassage.com.


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