Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Oct 12, 2021

The Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair is no longer available. Please check out all Infinity Massage Chairs, All Massage Chairs, or check out our updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

This Infinity Riage X3 massage chair has a long list of restorative techniques and features that will help you. The Riage X3 will relax your entire body with 3D massage technology and an L-track that massages from the neck down your spine all the way to your glutes. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy with every massage and choose from a variety of massage styles and programs. Powerful foot rollers will provide relaxation to sore or swollen feet. Plus, you can easily control the Riage X3 with the mobile app, available for both Apple and Android.

Infinity Riage X3 Features

L-Track Technology

The Infinity Riage X3 massage chair is equipped with their signature 49in L-Track. The L-Track allows the quad rollers to massage from your head to your thighs ensuring that you receive an encompassing spa-quality massage.

Smart Body Scanning

The smart body scan technology ensures that the quad massage rollers hit all of your unique pressure points by adjusting the position of the rollers and tailoring them to your body.

3D Massage Technology

The quad rollers of the Riage X3 move up, down, and in and out. This allows you to adjust the depth of the massage to light or deep massage that allows you to personalize it for your needs.

Quad Style Rollers

The Infinity Riage X3 provides pressurized massage strokes with four high-tech rollers that methodically knead out muscle tension.

Zero Gravity Position

The zero gravity positioning elevates your knees above your heart, which allows the spine to decompress, provides a sense of weightlessness while maximizing the effects of the massage rollers.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Replicating thumb and finger techniques of reflexology, the foot rollers in the Riage X3 attend to vital pressure points on the feet linked with other areas of the body.

Airbag Compression Therapy

The Riage X3 has 32 airbags located at the shoulders, arms, buttocks, calves, and feet. The airbags inflate and deflate to provide a sensation on the muscles that feel like real human hands. The shoulder airbags are adjustable up and down to fit a wide range of body types.

Automatic Programs

The Infinity Riage X3 massage chair has 8 automatic programs designed for all your therapeutic needs. There are also manual programs to massage right where you need it and even use the extend button for even more therapy. Massage Techniques include kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, sync, and rhythm.

  • Sports Refresh - Designed to soothe muscles after sports activities and exercise. It can relax muscles and speed up recovery time after intense exercise by promoting circulation.
  • Extension - Inspired by Thai massage. Strong kneading and stretching functions effectively decompress the entire body. This program is the best choice to relax tired muscles and increase physical vigor.
  • Rest and Sleep - This is a mild massage that is great for your lunch break or before sleeping. It kneads the entire body with heavy and light intensity massage to relieve tired muscles gradually.
  • Working Relief - This is a great program for people who work at a desk or travel a lot. It performs a strong massage to ease muscles and recuperate the body.
  • Neck and Shoulder - This program relieves neck and shoulder pain, as 80% of the massage time focuses on the neck and shoulders. The curved design of the backrest allows the massage rollers to completely touch the shoulder and neck effectively relieving fatigue and pain.
  • Waist and Spine - This is designed to relieve pain in the lower back, 80% of this massage focuses on the lumbar vertebrae and the rollers will conduct targeted massage to relieve tension in this area.
  • Deep Shiatsu - Deep Shiatsu massage for 10 minutes.
  • Healthy Breath - 5-minute breath health program works along with the chair mechanisms rhythm for breathing in and out for the benefit of your health.

Lumbar Heat

Heating modules located in the lumbar area of the backrest of the Riage X3 provide a soothing sensation and loosen your muscles to better prepare your body for the massage.

Bluetooth Speakers

Listen to your favorite audiobook, guided meditation, or music during your massage through Bluetooth speakers. You can even use the Rhythm technique to sync your massage to your music.

Apple & Android App Functionality

You can operate the Infinity Riage X3 right from your Android or Apple device. You can download the APP for Apple devices directly from the APP Store and Android devices, you will have to contact Infinity directly.

Remote Control

The remote control for the Infinity Riage X3 is simple and intuitive to use. The LCD screen allows you to see what your massage chair is doing and the buttons are accessed easily.