Svago Swivel vs. Svago Newton Comparison
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Svago Swivel vs. Svago Newton Comparison

Hello fellow comfort seekers! Today, I will be discussing two fantastic zero gravity recliners - the Svago Swivel and the Svago Newton. I have personally tested both chairs and will be sharing my experiences alongside insights from other users to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive into my Svago Swivel vs. Svago Newton Comparison.


When it comes to design, both the Svago Swivel and Svago Newton are aesthetically pleasing. The Swivel model stands out with its contemporary design and the added convenience of a 280-degree swivel base, allowing you to position the chair in any direction you desire. On the other hand, the Newton offers a more classic look, with its wooden base adding a touch of sophistication.

Build Quality

Both models are built to last. The Swivel and Newton are crafted with top-grain leather that not only provides a luxurious feel but also assures durability. The Swivel's steel body frame and the Newton's wooden base both promise robustness and longevity. The Newton has top grain leather upholstery with Memory Foam cushioning. The memory foam helps increase the effects of relaxation or rehabilitation when using the chair. Some owners of the Newton have reported that the wood finish on the Newton does have a higher quality look and feel.

Svago Swivel vs. Svago Newton Comparison: Features

Massage Technology and Programs

Both recliners feature Svago's advanced massage technology. They offer air massage, heat therapy, and a zero gravity position which replicates the posture astronauts use during lift-off to distribute stress evenly across their bodies.

The Swivel has 2 pre-programmed massage, and the Newton offers 2 pre-programmed options. Some users prefer the Newton for its large size the their body is more free in the chair during massage or relaxation. Each chair has a Lumbar function as well which is an airbag that inflates to a person desired intensity in the lower back.

Zero Gravity

Both the Swivel and Newton are designed to be luxury zero gravity recliners. This is a recline that can go back as far as 180 degrees to help alleviate back pain and promote relaxation. The Zero Gravity in both chairs is one touch through the remote which makes it very easy to access. You can also adjust the zero gravity since it is a range of recline and save this to one of the memory programs. Learn more about the Benefits of Zero Gravity Recline.

Other Features

Both the Svago Swivel and Svago Newton recliners are two of the highest end feature packed Zero Gravity Recliners available for purchase. They come with an easy remote control for easy adjustments, and both have special head pillow for enhanced comfort. The Newton has Memory Foam pad for premium comfort. Each chair has a memory function as well that offers a memory setting to save a person desired recline. The Newton has an additional setting where a user can adjust the headrest, backrest, and legrest independently. Customers have mentioned that the headrest adjustment helps them stay alert to watch tv, or read when using the chair. The swivel has an adjustable backrest and legrest, however you can not adjust the headrest. 

Assembly and Installation

Assembly for both recliners is relatively straightforward. The Svago Swivel is a bit heavier, which might require an extra hand during setup. The Newton is lighter and can be assembled by one person. Both chairs come with a detailed instruction manual, and many users have praised the easy setup process.


Svago offers a standard one-year in-home service warranty for both models, and they also offer 2 years parts coverage as well. Each chair has an option for An extended warranty can be purchased separately. It's always comforting to know that Svago stands behind its products.

Customer Feedback

Customers love both recliners. The Swivel is praised for its sleek design and the added swivel feature, while the Newton gets points for its classic look and slightly higher quality build.

Personal Experience

During my time with both recliners, I found them to be incredibly comfortable and well-built. The Svago Swivel stood out with its sleek design and the convenience of its 280-degree swivel feature. On the other hand, the Newton's higher quality cushioning and its classic design fits beautifully in a traditional setting.

Svago Swivel vs. Svago Newton Comparison: Basic Comparison

Base Design

Svago Swivel can swivel 280 Degrees – Svago Newton has a solid Wood Base


Swivel 2 Auto Programs – Newton 2 Auto Programs


Swivel 2 airbags – Newton 4 Airbags


Swivel top grain leather with High Density Foam - Newton top grain leather with memory foam


Swivel 2 Memory Programs – Newton 2 Memory Programs


Swivel 15 minutes + 1hr 2hr 3hr Smart Wakeup - Newton 15 minutes + 1hr 2hr 3hr Smart Wakeup

Backrest, Legrest, Headrest

Swivel, Adjustable Backrest & Legrest – Newton, Adjustable Backrest, Headrest, and Legrest


Swivel Black small handheld – Newton Large Silver Analog Style

Distance to wall

Swivel 25 inches - Newton 12 inches

Recommended Weight Limit

Swivel 330lbs – Newton 400 lbs


Swivel 1 Year In-home Service 2 year parts – Newton 1 Year In-home Service 2 year parts

Pros and Cons

Svago Swivel Zero Gravity Recliner


  • Modern and sleek design
  • High-quality construction
  • Zero Gravity Recline function is incredibly effective
  • Massage features are a great way to relax and unwind


  • The chair is heavy and can be difficult to move around
  • There is only air massage

Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliner


  • Modern Contemporary Design
  • Memory Foam Padding
  • 7 airbags
  • Zero Gravity Recline
  • Adjustable Legrest, headrest, and backrest
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Roomy seat area


  • There is only air massage
  • Chair can bulky depending on room size

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I purchase an extended warranty for the Svago recliners? Yes, there is an option to add three years full coverage

Q2: Are the Svago recliners easy to assemble? Yes, both the Svago Swivel and Newton recliners come with detailed instruction manuals and are praised by users for their easy setup process.

Q3: Do these recliners come with a remote control? Yes, both models come with a remote control for easy adjustments.

Q4: Are there any differences in the heating features between the two models? No, both models offer heat therapy, which is an excellent feature for those seeking extra comfort and relaxation.

Svago Swivel vs. Svago Newton Comparison: Conclusion

In conclusion, both the Svago Swivel and Svago Newton Zero Gravity Recliners are solid choices with their unique strengths. Your personal preference for design, intensity of massage, and certain features will ultimately guide your decision. Happy reclining!

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