AmaMedic Hilux 4D - Expert Video Review
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AmaMedic Hilux 4D - Expert Video Review


AmaMedic Hilux 4D Expert Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with, and today we're going to talk to you about a very exciting new chair called the Amamedic Hilux 4D massage chair. The Amamedic chair is made in the Osaki factory, and we love this chair. It is one of the best values you can find for a 4D massage.

SL-Track with 4D Massage

The massage roller mechanism is excellent. It positions the rollers in just the right place for a fantastic neck and shoulder massage all the way down in the back, under the feet for the glutes as well. So it's an SL-Track with a 4D roller mechanism.

And the massage will start at the back of the occipital bone, getting all the muscles on the way back from the back of the head down into the neck and shoulder area. So very good neck and shoulder massage on this chair.

Automatic Programs

We love the Hilux because it has 16 different massage programs to choose from, so their automatic programs are excellent. You also have segmented massage programs so that you can specifically hone in on areas that you would like. Say you have a really achy neck and shoulders. After a long day of work, you can choose one of the neck and shoulder programs, and it will actually incorporate all the various styles of massage, but specific to the neck and shoulder.

I really like to do that before I enjoy a full-body massage. Just work out any tension that you have. They have neck and shoulder programs as well as low back and then lower body as well. And then you have a full-body program.

Touchscreen Remote

So it's a really excellent and super easy-to-use chair. The use of the chair is so easy because it's a touch screen tablet style remote which we love. You can access all your programs as well as your manual options there on the screen. Very easy.

Air Compression Massage

This chair features full-body air compression, so you will have all the areas of your body covered, even those that are not being massaged by that great 4D roller. Let's start up here at the shoulders. So you have these great accordion-style shoulder airbags that wrap around the shoulders. You have the hand and arm as well as these great hip airbags.

Down below in the Ottoman, you have the foot and calf air compression, something extra special about this chair is that it has a kneading style calf massage. So the interior airbag will rotate in order to provide a kneading style massage to the calves, which feels excellent.

Foot Massage

The bottom of the feet has excellent rollers. I mean, these foot rollers are great. This is an inserting style where you put your foot into the Ottoman. It accommodates someone up to a size twelve. So if you have larger feet, there are chairs that have an open Ottoman, but this is going to be a very good foot and calf massage if you can fit on in there.

This chair will come through really accommodate someone from five foot tall to 6ft two inches. The Ottoman is adjustable so it will extend out and retract based on your specific height. So really anyone can be comfy in this chair.

Zero Gravity Recline

This chair features zero gravity, so you'll have 2 gravity positions. The first zero gravity position is a little bit more upright, and the second is a deep zero gravity. Great for a really relaxing massage.

Head Pad

The Amamedic Hilux has a head pad here. You can remove that for a deeper neck and shoulder massage. We recommend that so that you can feel the rollers directly against the neck and shoulders.

Also, during the scan, make sure that this pad is out of the way so that it can properly locate your neck and shoulder position. There's padding in the back here that you can also remove if you'd like a deeper intensity massage.

Armrest Controls

Now, as you can see, we have the black color here, and it has this great wood grain on the arm, so it's a very attractive chair. Looks really fancy. You have the arm controls on each side, and you've got the control for 4D, so you can increase or decrease the 4D without having to go back into the remote, which is really nice.

You have access to the different positions of the chair so you can recline the chair, sit up the chair, extend the lengths, all of that by those quick one-touch buttons. You have heat options there as well, so it's really easy to use this chair. Now. You can also scroll through the auto programs, which is nice so that you don't have to really go back into the remote if you don't need to.

Wireless Charging

You can charge your phone wirelessly here on the arm very easily. You just place your phone down, and you can charge your phone while you relax.

Bluetooth Speakers

This chair does feature Bluetooth, so you have speakers here by the head. It's excellent sound, very high-quality sound for this chair, and it will play any Bluetooth music that you have available either on your phone or any other Bluetooth device in your home. Now, this chair has a beautiful diamond stitch pattern, and it just looks very luxurious.

If you have any questions about this fantastic new chair, the Hilux by Amamedic, feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996.

You can reach us at, or you can chat with us online, and we'd be happy to answer any of your questions. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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