Ogawa Refresh L - Expert Video Review
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Ogawa Refresh L - Expert Video Review


Ogawa Refresh L - Expert Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassagechair.com, and today we're going to be showing you the all-new Ogawa Refresh L Massage Chair.


This massage chair is an SL-Track massage chair with a quad-style roller system. So the SL massage means that it will start here at the back of the head and neck and go all the way under the seat for the glutes as well. So you have neck and shoulder, back lower back, as well as the glutes covered with this massage chair.

Quad Style Rollers

The quad style roller means that there's a roller on the top and the bottom to act like a thumb and forefinger, kneading the muscle tissue over the shoulders and down the back and under the seat.

Compression Massage

This chair features full-body air compression, so you can see that there are airbags here at the shoulders. You have airbags for the hand and arm as well as for the foot and calf, giving you a full body massage and really stimulating your circulatory system.

Foot Rollers

Now, this chair features great foot rollers underneath the bottoms of the feet. You'll have some kneading reflexology style rollers, so it's really great and adds to the relaxation of the massage, also helping to relax the body.

Heat and Bluetooth

You have heat and the lumbar of this chair, which will allow you to just loosen those muscles. This chair features Bluetooth as well with the built-in speaker so that you can really sync up your phone or your smartphone to the chair and get your music going and help in the relaxation as well. This chair has really smooth and supple material. We have the beige color, and it's just a beautiful design that will fit into any room of your home.

Remote Control

This chair also has a really nice easy-to-use remote. All the buttons are backlit, they're down at the bottom of the remote here, and the screen will light up as well, making getting into any massage really easy.

Automatic Programs

You have six automatic massage programs to choose from. Personally, I like the vigorous massage, but you have other options like the gentle massage as well for a more relaxing massage experience. And there are also some partial massages that are great. You have one for the neck and shoulders, and then you have one for your low back as well, which is excellent to really hone in on areas that might be bothering you.

Zero Gravity Recline

You also have zero gravity position, so this chair will have the zero gravity position. At the touch of a button, you recline right back into that weightless zero gravity position where your legs are elevated above the heart to really relax and take all the pressure off of your spine.

Space Saving

Now while you're reclining into that position, you do have space saving technology on this chair, so as the chair reclines you back, you will move away from the wall, making it so that you do not need to move the chair out into the middle of your room to use it. You only need about four or five inches behind the chair in order to recline fully.

So if you have any questions about this great new chair, the Ogawa Refresh L massage chair, please feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996, or you can chat with us online at www.emassagechair.com or if you'd like to send us an email with support@emassagechair.com thanks so much for watching.

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