Brookstone BK-450 Review
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Brookstone BK-450 Review

Uncovering the Pros, Cons, and Features

In today's busy world, finding time to unwind and relax can be challenging. That's why investing in a high-quality massage chair, like the Brookstone BK-450, can be a game-changer. After using this chair for several months, I'm excited to share my thoughts on its design, features, and performance. Plus, I'll include what other customers are saying and provide three alternative recommendations for those considering similar options.

Design and Build Quality

The Brookstone BK-450 Massage Chair boasts a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates into any living space. Available in three classic colors—black, brown, and beige—there's a perfect match for every home decor. The chair's build quality is impressive, featuring a sturdy frame and luxurious synthetic leather upholstery. After months of daily use, my chair still looks and feels as good as new.

Massage Roller Technology

The BK-450 comes equipped with advanced 3D massage rollers that offer a range of massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, rolling, and shiatsu. The rollers are designed to provide full-body coverage, from the neck and shoulders down to the calves and feet. As a massage enthusiast, I can confidently say that each technique is executed brilliantly, providing an effective and deeply satisfying massage.

Roller Track Technology

One of the standout features of the Brookstone BK-450 is its innovative L-Track system. The rollers follow the natural curvature of the spine, providing a more precise and targeted massage. This technology ensures that the chair can effectively address common problem areas, such as the lower back and neck.

More Features

In addition to the advanced massage roller and track technologies, the BK-450 offers a number of other features designed to enhance the overall massage experience. These include:

  • Airbag compression massage: The chair is equipped with airbags in the seat, arms, and leg areas, which work in tandem with the rollers to deliver a comprehensive full-body massage.
  • Zero-gravity positioning: This feature reclines the chair into a position that evenly distributes your body weight, allowing for a deeper, more relaxing massage.
  • Heat therapy: The built-in lumbar heat therapy provides gentle warmth to soothe sore muscles and further enhance relaxation.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: The chair also includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker system, which is a fantastic addition. I love being able to sync my phone and play my favorite relaxation playlist during my massage sessions.


The Brookstone BK-450 allows for a high degree of customizability, ensuring that users can enjoy a massage tailored to their specific needs and preferences. The chair offers five pre-programmed massage routines: Relax, Energize, Stretch, Neck & Shoulder, and Lower Back. Each routine is designed to target specific needs and preferences, and I've found them all to be effective.

On top of the pre-programmed routines, you can also create your own custom massage by combining different massage techniques, roller positions, and intensities. This level of personalization is perfect for those days when you need to address specific problem areas.

Assembly and Installation

When it comes to assembly and installation, the Brookstone BK-450 is surprisingly easy to set up. The chair arrived in two large boxes, and the instruction manual was clear and concise. It took me about an hour to assemble the chair, and I was able to do it alone without any issues. All the necessary tools and hardware were included, which was a nice touch.


The chair comes with a comprehensive warranty from Brookstone, which includes three years of coverage for parts and one year for in-home labor. This warranty gives me peace of mind, knowing that the company stands behind their product. Additionally, I've found Brookstone's customer support to be responsive and helpful whenever I've had questions about the chair.

Customer Reviews

After browsing through customer reviews, it's clear that many others share my enthusiasm for the Brookstone BK-450 Massage Chair. Users often praise the chair's effectiveness in addressing muscle tension and pain, as well as the overall massage quality. Some customers also mention the chair's sleek design and ease of assembly as standout features. While a few users have mentioned the chair's size as a potential drawback for smaller living spaces, the overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive.

Top Alternatives

I genuinely enjoy using the Brookstone BK-450 Massage Chair, but it's worth exploring some other excellent alternatives. Consider the Titan Elite 3D Massage Chair, Ogawa Active L 3D Massage Chair, or the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral as top contenders.


In conclusion, the Brookstone BK-450 Massage Chair has been a game-changer in my life. The chair offers a high-quality, customizable massage experience that rivals any professional spa. The additional features, such as the zero-gravity mode, heat therapy, and Bluetooth speakers, truly elevate the experience.

The chair's design, build quality, and ease of assembly make it a fantastic addition to any home. While the price may be an initial concern for some, I believe the investment is well worth it, considering the long-term benefits and cost savings compared to regular spa visits.

Based on my personal experience and the positive feedback from other customers, I highly recommend the Brookstone BK-450 Massage Chair to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being and enjoy a spa-like massage experience in the comfort of their own home. If you're still undecided, consider the alternative options I've mentioned to find the perfect massage chair for your needs.

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