Cozzia Qi Review
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Cozzia Qi Review

The Cozzia Qi is discontinued and no longer available. Please check out their other brand Ogawa Massage Chairs or shop ALL Massage Chairs.

High-tech Cozzia Qi massage chair boasts all the latest features for a more human-like massage

Cozzia Qi Review

Massage chair technology has advanced exponentially in the past few years. Even mid-range models now boast S-Track technology, where the rollers follow the curve of your back for a more human-like touch and an all-around better massage.

Controllers have gotten more intuitive and easy to use. And body scan technology helps many massage chairs conform to the your body for a more comfortable and human-like massage.

Now, enter the Cozzia Qi massage chair. This massage chair takes the existing technology to the next level, enhancing technologies like the body scan to work more quickly and more accurately, and introducing new features to provide a customized massage like no other.

We will be the first to admit massage chairs still do not perfectly simulate the human touch of a masseuse. But this chair comes closer than anything else on the market right now.

Showcased at CES2017, the technology show for the consumer electronics and gadget enthusiast, the Cozzia Qi massage chair quickly secured its place as one of the top model massage chairs for consumers willing to spend more to get the best. With a $9,999 retail price, those who need and want the ultimate in comfort and customization for pain and stress relief will find it in the Cozzia Qi

4D, S-Track Quad Roller Technology Delivers the Massage You Want

4D Vario Motion Massage

Many massage chairs use 3D technology, permitting the massage rollers to move up and down, left and right, and in and out for a deep tissue massage. But the Cozzia Qi delivers even more for your money. The rollers provide a 4D massage by extending a full 5 inches off the roller track to deliver a deeper massage.

Is it really a fourth dimension? Not quite. The rollers are just moving further in—not in any other direction. But it provides a more penetrating massage that relieves muscle tension and feels great. Additionally, the 4D massage experience also provides variable speeds for the rollers. So if you want to say time or speed is the 4th dimension, you would be right.

The quad rollers, of course, are an industry standard that better mimics the feel of human fingers working your muscles and connective tissues. But Cozzia Qi levels up this technology, too, with a unique design straight out of Japan. The rollers can pivot, pulling back the lower two massage heads to turn the roller into a dual head design. This function enables the Cozzia Qi to employ more massage techniques than a dual roller or a quad roller would by itself.

Advanced Body Scan Works Faster and More Accurately for a More Human-Like Massage

Many mid-range and most high-end massage chairs offer body scan technology to detect your the pressure points and align the chair rollers with them for a better massage. While some chairs tend to roll over the shoulder blades, sometimes causing pain, the rollers on the Cozzia Qi maneuver around the shoulder blades for a more comfortable massage.

Hands-down, product testers say the Cozzia Qi works faster and delivers a more accurate body scan than any other chair at any price.

And if you are not 100 percent happy with the alignment, you can manually adjust it for a perfect massage every time.

The Doctor Is In Your Cozzia Qi Massage Chair

Chair Doctor

We know that a massage chair should never be used to diagnose or treat a medical condition. But, much like a Fitbit or health app on a smartphone, the Cozzia Qi massage chair can provide you with important information about your body. It measures your tension levels and tells you where, specifically, you may carry that tension in your back muscles. Cozzia calls this state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind technology the Chair Doctor.

One of the stand-out features in the Cozzia Qi, the Chair Doctor uses biometric feedback to detect your tension level and problem areas in your back. Then it recommends a customized massage to focus on those areas. It also tracks your progress as your tension levels drop (or not) over time.

iPad Control Is Easy to Learn and Easy to Use

iPad Mini 2

Unlike other massage chairs that have a dedicated controller, often using primitive push buttons or LED lights, the Cozzia Qi is controlled exclusively via the iPad app. Do not have an iPad? You will receive a free iPad Mini included with the purchase of your Cozzia Qi massage chair.

For tech-savvy consumers, the iPad app is incredibly intuitive. Start with the body scan. Then let the Chair Doctor customize a massage for you, or select your own. Adjust the speed and intensity to your liking, and you are ready to go.

If you want to take advantage of the chromotherapy, you can turn on the massage chair LED lights to cast a soft glow across the room. You can even select from a variety of colors through the app.

Finally, use the iPad to play your favorite music through the massage chair Bluetooth speakers. The app gives you full control of your surrounding environment while you enjoy a best-in-class massage.


  • State-of-the-art body scan technology that is faster and more accurate than anything else on the market today
  • 4D massage roller technology for a more human-like touch and a deeper massage
  • Japanese-designed quad rollers that pivot for a dual roller feel, to provide more massage techniques than any other chair on the market
  • 6 massage styles and 13 pre-programmed massages
  • Foot rollers and airbags for extra deep shiatsu foot massage
  • The Chair Doctor technology prescribes a massage to target problem areas
  • Intuitive iPad touchscreen control via an app
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • Chromotherapy in various colors, selectable via the app
  • Turn on zones of airbags for a fully customized massage
  • Heated rollers and full heated back provide pain relief and added comfort


  • Does not hug the wall
  • No L-track
  • No zero gravity feature
  • High price


Packed with technology and features you will not find anywhere else, the Cozzia Qi provides an excellent massage for pain relief and relaxation. If you are willing to pay for the best, look no further than the Cozzia Qi.



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