Osaki OS-7200H Review
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Osaki OS-7200H Review

The Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair has been Discontinued

This Review was written over 7 years ago and is outdated. We have been getting a lot of questions about the Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle. This model is carried on Costco and is the Osaki OS-7200H wrapped in a new exterior and some updates. Or check out all of our Massage Chairs that are available.

Read more about the Osaki OS-7200H Pinnacle here

Each of us at Emassagechair.com have had the opportunity to try each of the massage chairs that we carry and we all have different reasons for our choices. In my case, I am a woman that is 5ft 5in of small/average build and I enjoy a deep massage but like the ability to have a soothing Swedish massage of less intensity too! With the release of the Osaki OS-7200H this year, I was compelled to try it right away as the previous OS-4000T model is a favorite of mine. The Osaki line of chairs has a reputation for delivering great therapeutic massage at very competitive prices. I will be reviewing the OS-7200H, noting the new features that I found, and determining if this chair lives up to its popular predecessors.

Updated Roller Technology

The first thing I wanted to check out after hearing about it was the chairs new roller system. The updated rollers add another dimension to the traditional vertical massage roller path. Massage rollers from the OS-7200H go up and down the spine, and widen and narrow to cover varying body widths, but also press outward from the chair into the muscular tissue of the back, further releasing tension. Personally the depth and pressure of the massage was impressive. The areas commonly missed in the curvature of the neck and the low back were massaged thoroughly. This is definitely a chair for those that enjoy deep pressure massage.

Zero Gravity Recline

A fan favorite, the OS-7200H features one touch Zero Gravity. As in the OS-4000T, you have 2 Zero Gravity positions accessed by simply pressing a button. If you have yet to try Zero Gravity, it is the recline of the chair into a position where your knees are elevated above the heart so that all weight of the body is lifted from the spine. As you can imagine, Zero Gravity relaxes the spine and the muscles of the back allowing for a deeper, more therapeutic massage. The position also promotes improved circulation and oxygen flow by reducing pressure on the heart and lungs.

31in Roller Stroke

The OS-7200H is one of few massage chairs to feature a 31-inch roller stroke making this chair perfect for taller users. The roller stroke is the total length that the massage rollers travel up your spine from the lumbar region to the neck. The longer the stroke, the more area of your back will be covered, making the roller stroke a very important consideration.

Body Scan Technology

The body scan is performed at the start of each of my massages. It scans where I am sitting in the chair, measures my height and width, and also and part of the new 3D technology it has the ability to measure how far away different parts of my back are positioned. The chair uses its microcomputer to determine the best massage for my body by using the feedback from the scan. So each time that I sit down I am guaranteed to get exactly the massage I need.

Wider Shoulder Width

For all the larger gentlemen out there, like my father and my husband, this chair has adjustable shoulder massagers. This OS-7200H has airbags positioned on the outside of your shoulders, applying pressure and releasing. The OS-4000T has similar airbags there, however they are fixed in one place. If you have a jacket size larger than a 46 you will not fit within the shoulder massagers of the OS-4000T. However the OS-7200H has will auto adjust to fit the user, accommodating larger shoulder widths.

Shoulder Heat

My shoulders carry most of my tension so having the shoulder heat is amazing! Most massage chairs have lumbar heat which focuses on the low back, but I feel that my shoulders are much more deserving! I use the computer a lot, which means slumping over with improper posture= pressure on my shoulders! I also have a baby that I carry around 80 percent of the day=pressure on my shoulders! I love spin (or cycling) and this places strain on my what?…shoulders! Shoulder heat is awesome!

Zone and Point Massage

Some of my personal favorite massage features of the Osaki OS-7200H are the Zone and the Point massage options. With the Zone feature you can target a specific region of the body. For instance if you are enjoying a massage course and you feel a tense or sore area, simply press the Zone button and it will focus the massage within that 8 inch area. If you find one specific spot, press the Point button to work on one point or spot on the body. I found both to be extremely enjoyable in the middle of my shoulders. It really allowed me to get the knots out of my problem areas without having to run an entire massage course over and over! When you want the massage course to continue, you simply press the button again to resume your previous settings.

5 Levels of Strength and Intensity

As I mentioned before this chair has a higher intensity in comparison to the OS-4000, as far as the rollers go. You do have the ability to customize how deep the massage goes with the chairs 5 adjustable intensity settings. Something that you should consider is that your back, neck, and shoulders will gradually become immune to the massage intensity so in foresight of this issue, Osaki includes a removable back pad within the chair. So as you use the chair, if at any time you feel that the massage is no longer deep enough, you just remove the padding and enjoy once again!

51 Airbags

The OS-7200H has 51 airbags to gently cushion the entire body. Not only do they provide extra comfort during the massage but the airbags reach areas of the body that can simply not be reached with massage rollers alone. The multilayer airbags add a humanistic touch to the massage, placing pressure and releasing as a massage therapist would do, increasing circulation, and improving the lymphatic system.

Music Sync

At first I thought that Music Sync was just a gimmick, but then I tried it and its great! I love music so when I sit down I plug in my iPhone and the chair plays my music through its sound system. It also syncs the massage rollers to the music which feels really nice. Of course usability is important to me and I need to be able to just sit down, plug in, and enjoy. That is exactly what I get with the 7200H.

Additional Features

Adding to the luxurious, streamlined styling are the Chromotherapy lights. Light therapy, while beautiful, is also beneficial; the blue light aids in relaxation and helps soothe the nerves. Another great relaxation tool that Osaki added to the OS-7200h is the Music Sync technology. This massage chair allows you to plug in your MP3 player, iPod, or iPhone and play the music through the speakers in the backrest. It was so much fun to listen to my own music while enjoying my massage. That is not all that Music Sync can do! The chair will also customize the massage to the sound of your music. These additional features make for an unparalleled massage experience.

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