Infinity Iyashi Review
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Infinity Iyashi Review

The Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair is no longer available, but make sure to check out all the Infinity Massage Chairs and Daiwa Massage Chairs we carry.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

Infinity Massage Chairs has continued to offer some of the best and most advanced massage therapy machines. They are known for the high-quality design, and user-centered massage features. The Infinity Iyashi is a perfect example of their forward-thinking and innovative products. In our Infinity Iyashi review, our massage chair experts talk about different aspects of the chair and give an excellent overview of what a user can expect. This review will help shoppers when they compare this chair against other massage chairs. Let us look at some of the standard features like the Rollers, and Airbags, and then onto the Special Features, and other things that make this chair unique.

Modern Design with Plus Upholstery

With several years of research and development the Iyashi massage chair is designed to be visually appealing, comfortable to sit in, and easy for any person to become completely relaxed. With a very modern look, the Infinity Iyashi massage chair has supple upholstery that helps cushion the body during the massage. All of the cushioning, like the head pillow, and the airbags covers is very soft, helping increase the quality of the airbag and roller massage. The design of the chair with the tall backrest and side panels gives the chair a pod or incubator effect; that helps a person tune out what is going on outside the chair. This greatly helps the overall relaxation a person will experience when using the chair. To make things as simple and as comfortable as possible, the chair has a remote that is sleek and easy to use. Based around a backlit screen the scroll wheel helps a person cycle through the different massage functions and programs. There are also one-touch Zero Gravity buttons for a quick recline. For the tech savvy user, there is an Android App that enables a person to control the chair through the Iyashi App.

Longest 49in Massage Roller

The Iyashi chair has a Deep-Tissue Quad-Style Massage roller built on an L-shape roller track that travels from the neck area down below the buttocks. The roller is built on an L-shaped track and is the only chair available that has this kind of reach. The total length of the roller is 49 inches making it the longest roller of any massage chair. The Body Scan helps customize the massage by reading each person, so the massage is custom to their body type. Individuals who are looking for a full back and buttocks massage will find that the Iyashi roller is perfect. The massage heads are also designed to be firm and able to knead deeply into the muscle tissue, but also move smoothly through the massage motions. The 6 different massage styles are perfect for a variety of different therapy experiences and give the user complete control during point and spot massage. The Iyashi also has rollers located underneath the feet. There are two massage heads with 3 different speeds that massage the forefoot and mid part of the foot. Together with the foot airbags, it provides an excellent deep tissue foot massage. The various speed settings help for different personal preferences and it is also very easy to turn them completely off.

Intelligent Multi-Layered Airbags

The Iyashi has a comprehensive 38 airbag massage system throughout the chair. The airbags are high quality and multi-layered. The layers allow for better compression, a more natural feel, and more strength settings. They also move in a very fluid motion and do not just squeeze down on a particular area. The airbags have a flow to them, massaging from back to front, and from side to side. The multilayered airbags also enhance the stretch by squeezing tighter or softer to make the stretch more effective. During the leg and foot massage, they work in unison with the foot rollers so that the entire foot gets a deep tissue massage. They also work up and down the calf and foot to promote blood flow during the compression massage. The Iyashi has great airbag coverage with airbags in the back, waist, shoulders, arms, lower legs, and feet.

Automatic Programs

The Infinity Iyashi has some great built in Automatic Programs with 6 total programs that offer a variety of massage combinations. The most popular is the Extend Program which stretches out the body, helping improve posture and relieve pressure on the back. The Full Air program uses the full airbag system to gently massage the entire body, helping improve relaxation and increase blood flow. The other programs also incorporate different reclining angles, roller styles, and airbags each in various styles and rhythms. The Relax Program uses zero gravity and a gentler back massage to help a person relax. The Refresh program is a stronger program that focuses on minor stretching with the back roller, and full body air massage to increase blood flow and joint movement. There are also Partial programs to target specific areas of the body like the Automatic Upper Body or Automatic lower body program. For people who like to combine their massage with music, there is a Rhythm program that syncs your song to the massage.

Special Therapy Features

The Infinity Iyashi has a lot of fun special features and a lot of cutting edge functions that are not available in other chairs. For instance, the Iyashi has a Space Saving feature that allows the chair to take up smaller area in the house or office. It does this by sliding forward on a track as it goes into a recline. In furniture circles, this is commonly known as a wall hugger feature. The Iyashi also has One-Touch Zero Gravity and two different Zero Gravity angles. The one touch makes it easy to get into a quick state of relaxation, or into deeper relaxation angle that takes more pressure off of the back. The Iyashi also has Chromotherapy lights located on the side panels that cycle through different colors to enhance the massage experience. One of the more cutting edge features is the Bluetooth connectivity for the speakers that allow the user to play music over a Bluetooth connection. This comes in very handy when you want to listen to different music during your massage. One of the most talked about features is the Android App that Android users can download to control all the functions of the chair.

Manufacturer Warranty

Infinity offers a great warranty on their massage chairs. The Infinity Iyashi is covered by a 3 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty. This provides 3 Years of coverage to the Framework, 2 Years of Parts Replacement, and during the 1st year, owners of the chair will have in-home service, parts, and labor covered at no additional cost. Infinity also offers 2 Extended Warranty Options; they extend the Parts coverage on the chair for either 1 or 2 years.

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