Ogawa Active Supertrac Review
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Ogawa Active Supertrac Review

The Ogawa Active Supertrac is discontinued and no longer available. Check out the new Ogawa Massage Chairs or Shop All of our Massage Chairs.

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Ogawa Active Supertrac Massage Chair

We are very excited about the release of the new Ogawa Active massage chair and having it here to try out in our offices. We have heard great things about this massage chair and were eager to figure it out for ourselves. A few things that we confirmed were true on the chair was the roller track, SuperTrac, is just simply amazing and versatile. The quality and workmanship of the massage chair is up to par with and in most cases exceeds even the best brands. Read our Ogawa Active review below.

Quality and Design

The Ogawa Active is one of the best quality massage chairs that we have seen in a while. From the durability of the synthetic leather to the stitching, its definitely a step above most brands with a furniture grade finish. This you can clearly see when looking at it next to other massage chairs. It is also designed more for the American home, and can blend in better with most living room setting. The Active is also designed to be easily installed, and has removable side panels to easily access the screws, as well as higher quality air hoses for easy attachment. The quality and design of the Ogawa Active alone makes it a chair worth considering.

SuperTrac Massage

The SuperTrac roller track technology is unique only to the Ogawa Active and is a feature that quickly moves this chair to the top of our list. The SuperTrac gives you the option of using it as a regular massage chair that massages you from your neck to your tailbone, or you can choose the extended roller track that can massage you from your neck to your glutes and thighs. This is like combining an L-Track massage chair with a traditional style massage chair. Having your glutes massaged takes some finesse, meaning that I really dislike some of the L-Track chairs because they feel a little inappropriate on the placement of the roller. The Active is perfect in that your glute muscles are targeted accurately and the massage programs are well designed for the area. Very good for after a leg day at the gym, cycling, or a long run.

Better than an L-Track?

Another great feature of the SuperTrac, and one that makes it more functional than L-Track massage chairs is that you can still go into a full recline and still get a glute massage. This is a big issue with the L-Track because you are stuck in an L position the entire time. All L-Track massage stay in the L position whereas the Active moves in really any angle you need to give you a comfortable massage suitable to your needs.

Multiple Recline Angles

Ogawa Active Supertrac Zero Gravity

The Ogawa Active also has multiple recline positions. This allows the massage chair to go into 2 stages of zero gravity and into a full flat recline, which is like a bed position. This gives a big advantage over the popular L-track massage chairs. which are not able to recline, and often only have one zero gravity recline position. We find that being able to go into a full recline is definitely a nice option, and makes your overall massage experience more pleasant by being able to find the perfect angle to get massage without any restrictions.

2 Stretching Programs

Another great feature of the Ogawa Active is that it has 2 stretching features. Most massage chair only have one stretching function. The Ogawa Active features a full body Thai stretching program, as well as a lower body stretch. These are amazing programs and there are not many massage chairs that provide the stretching options of the Ogawa Active. This is definitely a plus.

Deep Neck Massage

The Ogawa Active also features a deeper neck & shoulder massage due to its advanced S-Curve technology. This gives an extra emphasis on the cervical curve of the neck, which gives you a deeper and more accurate massage. If you are like me and are stiff in the neck and shoulder area, the Active is a great pick for you.

Air Compression Massage

The Ogawa Active has full body air compression. It uses the highest quality air technology to deliver a compression massage to your hands, arms, shoulders, back, hips, legs, calves, and feet. The air cells are made from a softer material, which makes them feel more like human hands, and there are also tiny nodes on the arm slots that help hold the arms in place. The air compression is used in the various auto programs, and can be controlled manually. Air compression is essential on any full body massage chair, and the Ogawa Active has some of the best technology we have seen so far.

Foot Rollers

Ogawa Active Supertrac Foot Rollers

If you are looking for the perfect foot massage, then you will find it with the Ogawa Active. It has deep kneading foot roller technology that have a perfect intensity, so they are not too strong or not too soft. You can also make the foot rollers more intense by increasing the air compression, or even turn then off by just the click of the button. The Foot Rollers are definitely a plus on any massage chair, and it is one of the best features of the Ogawa Active.

Customize Your Massage

The Ogawa Active lets you customize your massage in multiple ways. It has 5 levels of adjustment for the strength of the kneading of the rollers, 5 levels of speed adjustment for the tapping and knocking, and 5 levels of adjustment for the air pressure intensity. There is even removable padding in the seat that can can be removed for a deeper massage. Some additional features are heat and vibration.

Massage Programs

There are massage programs for every need and all occasions. The Ogawa Active has ? auto programs, which include 2 stretch programs, as well as for the glute and thigh massage. There are also lots of manual modes to choose from, and you can also switch in between the two different roller track positions depending on the type of massage you want.

USB Charging Port

One of our favorite features is that the Ogawa Active does not have a pedestal remote. The active remote is designed to fit easily into the pocket when not in use. This is nice because the pedestal remotes often get in the way. The Active is also designed to be functional, and has a USB jack so you can easily charge your smartphone or tablet.

The Ogawa Active is definitely one of our most favorite massage chairs on the market. If you are interested in purchasing an Ogawa Active Massage Chair, please give us a call at 888.360.9996, email us at support@emassagechair.com

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