Inner Balance Jin 2.0 - Expert Video Review
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Inner Balance Jin 2.0 - Expert Video Review


Inner Balance Jin 2.0 - Expert Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with, and today we wanted to introduce to you the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair. This is an SL-Track massage chair featuring a quad-style massage roller, so the SL-Track will contour to the upper part of your back as well as to the lower portion under the seat to massage the glute region. So you have a great massage for your upper back as well as under the seat for your glutes.

This chair has a quad-style roller, so they work with a thumb and a forefinger in order to knead the neck, shoulders and back and on down under the seat for the glutes. This chair features a zero gravity position. Zero gravity will elevate the knees to above the heart in order to provide a nice weightless massage.

This chair features full-body air compression, so you have some air compression starting here at the shoulders. You have a nice UC-shaped hand and arm massage, which means that there's a U shape here for your arm to go into as well as the hand and forearm to go in here so that your hand and arm do not slide out of the air compression Chamber. A lot of chairs will squeeze and press the arm out. This one will make sure to massage up a bit higher as well as keep the arm in place.

You also have air compression for the calves and the feet down in the footrest. The footrest also features the spinning foot rollers in order to provide a kneading style foot massage.

Now, this chair also features heat for the lumbar region, so you will have nice heating in the back of the chair, and this will provide a better massage experience with the rollers because it loosens the muscles.

This chair also has a head pad here that will allow you to relax when you're not using the chair. You can flip it over if you want your neck exposed to the rollers. They also provide you with a nice thick pad in case you would like a little lighter massage. You can also just take all the padding off and have the rollers right up against the back of your neck and shoulders for a deep tissue massage.

This chair also features Bluetooth, so you have speakers here by the ears. You can synchronize that right with your smartphone.

This chair also features space-saving technology, which means it will rotate away from the wall in order to provide your massage without hitting the wall. This chair also has a really easy-to-use remote.

You have six massage programs. Our favorite is the Pro program, which is a little bit more vigorous massage style. You can elevate and lower the legs. You have three widths for the rollers as well as heat functionality. Here you can add more time and do all the necessary modifications as well as zero gravity and changing your massage position. And there's also a little pocket on the side for it.

So if you have any questions about the new Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massager, feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996. You can email us at or feel free to chat with us online at Thanks so much for watching.

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