Osaki OS-Pro Alpina - Expert Video Review
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Osaki OS-Pro Alpina - Expert Video Review


Osaki OS-Pro Alpina - Expert Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassagechair.com. And today we're going to talk to you a bit about the Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair. The Alpina is one of our best-selling models. It really has everything you need in it. We love it because it has great styling. It will fit someone from 5ft tall all the way to 6ft three inches.

Touchscreen Remote and Programs

We also have an easy-to-use touchscreen remote that allows you to access your 13 automatic massage programs. In addition to the automatic programs on the chair, you're able to manually modify massages and select from various styles of massage like kneading, tapping, rolling, clapping, and shiatsu. You can do that all on the touch screen, and it makes it super easy to navigate through.


Now you can see we have the Brown color here. It's like a deep espresso. It looks very beautiful. It has some great stitching here. It's like a honeycomb style.


This chair will feature an SL track, which means that it's going to massage from the back of the head, neck and shoulders, all the way under the seat and into the upper thigh. So you have some great glute massage on this massage chair. The neck and shoulder massage is fantastic.

Compression Massage

You have full body air compression, so this chair will feature airbags starting at the shoulders, some in the lower back, as well as the hip in the hand and arm. Down in the Ottoman, you have calf massage as well as foot massage with the airbags.

Foot Rollers

Also, in the Ottoman, underneath your feet, you have massage rollers that are acupressure style, so it will massage the bottoms of the feet, and it feels really fantastic. In conjunction with the air compression, air compression will press down on the foot giving you a great foot massage.

Biometric Sensor

Now, also on this chair, you have some sensors in the hand area. Those hand sensors are helpful because you have a massage program that is specifically tailored to you. So we'll take the biometrics from those little sensors in your hand area and will provide you with a custom massage based on the way that you're feeling that day. That's a nice added feature from Osaki to this massage chair.

Bluetooth Speakers

You also have speakers up near the headrest that will be used with your own Bluetooth with your phone, so you can play anything that you'd like from any Bluetooth device that you have in your home.

Head Padding

This chair also has some great padding, so it allows you to be really comfortable in the chair. You can remove the head pad to get a deeper neck and shoulder massage. That's what we prefer to do is just get rid of that for actually using it.


For the massage, those rollers can reach right into the neck and shoulder tissue and give you an excellent massage. The rollers will travel down the whole track and under the seat here, and that's where you'll get your glute massage.

Zero Gravity Recline

Now, this chair also features zero gravity, so the zero-gravity function is the best place to be when you're getting a massage. It really allows the rollers to place the pressure in the right places for you, and it takes all the weight off of your spine, so you're like floating on a cloud. So having a massage in zero gravity position is really the best way to do it.

Everything You Need

Now this massage chair is again one of our best-selling models. You can definitely see why it has everything you can possibly need in it. The massage programs are adjustable using speed, so you're able to modify that, and you also have programming like deep tissue that you can access as well as great stretching. So we love the stretch program and deep tissue program. You have a lot of different options on this chair.

Space Saving

This chair also features a space-saving design. That means that you'll be able to recline back in the chair without it hitting the wall, only needing about four to five inches behind it. So you place it right up against the wall, and it will rotate away from the wall so that you can safely use your massage chair in full recline mode.

Automatic Ottoman

This chair will also feature an automatic Ottoman, which means that the Ottoman will automatically extend out and come back based on the length of your legs. There's a sensor in the Ottoman that you press with your toes, and it will allow you to stop the Ottoman at the optimal position for your legs.

This is important for our taller users as your taller legs. You don't want to be pressing out on a spring-loaded ottoman in the entire massage. This will allow you to relax and enjoy.

If you have any questions about the Osaka OS-Pro Alpina massage chair, feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996, or you can chat with us online or feel free to email us your questions to support@emassagechair.com. Thanks for watching.

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