Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review
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Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review

For perspective for the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review, I am 47 years old male at the height of 6’0” and 205lbs at the time of testing. The height range is rated from 5’0” to 6’1” with a max weight rating of 285lbs, so I am well within the scope, and the fit is nice and snug. I lift weights regularly and use massage chairs to help recover quicker and relax before bed.

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review

I spent quite a bit of time in our Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair to give you an in-depth review. Once you sit down in the Jin 2.0, select one of the six automatic programs, and then sit back and relax. The body scan starts up, and you will feel the massage roller start at your neck and move down your back. Once the roller glides back up to the neck, the chair will beep to fine-tune the shoulder height if needed. I found the body scan quick, and I never had to adjust the shoulder height as it always found the right spot.

The Massage

For the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review, we need to take a closer look at the massage. The Jin 2.0 has a 2D Quad Style massage roller that travels on an L-shaped track.

The 2D means the massage roller travels up and down and side to side. The roller does not go in and out for a change in depth for intensity like a 3D massage chair, but adjustable padding makes up for it. The massage with the padding is light. Once you take the padding out, the massage is a little more than a medium massage, but not a deep tissue massage.

The Quad-style rollers offer an excellent feeling massage and is smooth and well-rounded. It did not feel super mechanical or pinched like cheaper massage chairs. The L-track allows the roller to go from the neck down to the bottom of the glutes. I prefer an L-Track massage chair for targeted massage of my glutes to focus on recovery. We all know leg day can be rough, and that extra glute massage is worth it.

The neck massage is light, but it is deeper once in the Zero Gravity position and performs better. Overall, I enjoyed the massage, and I would have no issue using the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 daily.

Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review Zero Gravity

Air Compression Massage

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 has airbags located at the shoulders, hand and arms, calves, and feet to massage air. I found that the compression massage was intense in the medium setting, and I had to turn it down a notch. At the top setting, be prepared for an intense massage.

The arm airbags are unique compared to other massage chairs that they call a U+C armrest. You place your arms into the U portion, and airbags focus on the sides of the forearms. The benefit is that your arms stay inside the armrest and are more versatile for different arm sizes. For some cheaper massage chairs, the airbags force your arm out, making them useless. The C portion gets further down the forearm and hands. It is one of the best arm massages in this price range.

Automatic Programs

There are six automatic programs: Pro, Therapy, Relax, Full, Neck, Shoulder, and Lumbar. Each program offers different therapeutic benefits. For my Inner Balance Jin 2.0 review, I used all of the programs and focused on the Therapy program in the mornings and Relax before bed. The neck program was great to work out the tension that builds up being at a computer all day or on the phone.

Foot Massage

The spinning reflexology foot rollers apply a light massage to the soles of your feet. The airbags do an excellent job of holding your feet into place and pushing them down for a deeper massage.

Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review Features

Extendable Leg Rest

The extendable leg rest is spring-loaded, and you have to push outward with your legs. Many cheaper-made massage chairs use a hefty spring to push outward and are hard on the legs, tiring them out quickly. If you have sciatica, hip issues, or tight quads, I recommend getting a powered leg rest like the Ogawa Active L Plus massage chair.

Heat Therapy

The heat is light and located in the lumbar of the Inner Balance Jin 2.0. I always use heat when I get a massage as it helps to warm me up, and it is very relaxing. However, the heat in the original Jin was uncomfortably hot, and I am glad it is toned down in the newest version.

Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speakers are very easy to connect. Just turn the chair on and scan from your smart device, and the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair should show right up. Connect and listen to your favorite podcasts, calming sounds, or even guided meditation. I do not recommend rock music as it can be a little much for the speakers (I tried it).

Conclusion of the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review

Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Review Colors

Available in Black or Brown, the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is a straightforward massage chair with no frills and gets the job done well. I do recommend it for everyday use. If you have any questions, feel free to call one of our Massage Chair Experts to find the right massage chair for your needs. Check here for the latest prices.

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