Ogawa Active L Plus Review

Ogawa Active L Plus Review


The Ogawa Active L Plus is one of newest designs by Ogawa, and features a lot of great features at a very affordable price. Ogawa is one of the largest manufacturers of massage chairs and they continuously design chairs based around patented massage technology, health, and comfort. In this review we take a look at some of the specials features of the Active L plus, and how it stacks up against other brands.

Customer Review

I have been living with lower back pain since a 2011 injury and 2012 surgery. After just a few weeks of regular sessions with the chair I now spend most of my days pain free. Wonderful product!

Enrique R. Verified Buyer on 2 Mar 2019

Patented SL-Track Roller

Ogawa Active L Plus L-Track

Ogawa is one of the first companies to pioneer the extended L-track that we see in many massage chairs today. They were able to combine the traditional S-track with an L-track, so that the massage robot does not lack in massage quality. Longer does not always mean better and Ogawa took this very seriously to preserve the quality of the massage with the extended track. Their patented technology is smoother, more accurate, and more durable than any other chair in a similar price. The Active L Plus SL-track is 47 inches long, and will massage from the neck, all the way down to the glutes.

Air Compression Massage

Ogawa Active L Plus Airbags

Ogawa has incorporated their multi-layered airbag massage system into the Active L Plus. This compression technology will squeeze and hold muscles similar to a Swedish style massage. The amount of layers help the air compression be more effective, as well as help with programs like stretching to make the massage more effective. The upholstery of the Active L Plus makes the air compression massage very comfortable and soothing. There are 44 total air massage chambers in the Active L Plus.

9 Pre-Programmed Massages

Ogawa Active L Plus Automatic Programs

Ogawa has incorporated many of their signature massage sessions or programs into the Active L Plus. Ogawa employs over 800 massage professionals, scientists, and engineers, to come up with the most effective and lifelike massage sessions. These programs give a user an easy way to get the exact massage they are looking for, as well as focus on pain areas or recovery. Some of the most talked about programs are the Stretch program, Spine Care, and Glute Therapy.

Memory Programs

Ogawa Active L Plus Memory Programs

The Active L Plus is the upgraded version of the Active L, and now comes with memory programs. You can choose all of your favorite features, and customizations to make a program that is perfect for you. You can set a Memory Program for up to 3 People and change them at any time. This way a person can create a special program for their husband, wife, or family member. There are a lot of customizations to choose from, and the memory program allows you to save all of your favorite preferences.

Zero Gravity

Ogawa Active L Plus Zero Gravity

The Active L Plus has 2 pre-programmed Zero Gravity positions. The Zero Gravity position will relieve the pressure off of the spine and help put the body into a natural relaxation position. You can easily get into this position at the touch of a button, and it is incorporated in many of the pre-programmed massages. You can also find the exact angle you want to be in so you can relax, read, or enjoy watching TV.

Foot Rollers

Ogawa Active L Plus Foot Rollers

The Active L Plus has reflexology foot massage for the bottoms of the feat. The massage roller is designed to activate certain pressure points on the feet, as wells as mimic what a person would get from a massage therapist. There are many chairs that foot rollers that are not very effective and Ogawa has one of the best designs of any chair. The foot rollers can be turned on or off at any time, and are complimented by the air compression in the ottoman.

Touch Screen Remote

Ogawa Active L Plus Touchscreen

Ogawa is the only brand that has put such a large emphasis on the usability and user experience of their chairs. The Remote is a very important feature in that it allows the user to communicate with the chair to get exactly what they want from their chair. The Active L Plus has an easy to use remote that is easy to learn and navigate.

In Summary

We have taken a look at some of the most exciting features of this massage chair but there are many more to talk about which we listed below. We give this chair a 10 out of 10 and believe that our customers will be very excited by the quality of the massage and the updated features. Check out the Ogawa Active L Plus Massage Chair.

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