Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Review
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Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Review

At Emassagechair.com, we are committed to bringing you actual reviews by our Massage Chair Experts. We spent quite a bit of time in the massage chair for our Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Review. In addition, we test most of the massage chairs that we carry so that our Experts are best informed to best help you find the right massage chair.

The Osaki OS-Pro Admiral is our top one of our top-selling 3D massage chairs and is always on our Best Massage Chairs list, and for a good reason. See what some of our customers have to say about it.

Genuine Osaki Pro Admiral Reviews by Real Customers

"I have wanted a massage chair for such a long time, and when it finally came time to buy one, I was shocked at so very many choices! Emassagechair.com and Rhonda made it much easier to shop for one. Rhonda guided me with all the different models and features and helped me pick just the right chair for both my husband and me. (I'm 5' tall, and my husband is a foot taller) and this chair works great for both of us! It also looks lovely in the room, has plenty of preset and manual options, and is very quiet. We are both using and enjoying this chair at least once a day... It's comfortable, adjustable, and feels as good as I'd always hoped! Love it!!" Carole S.

"I have chronic pain and use the chair daily. My friends who have pain also stop by regularly. It is quite popular." – Gary R.

"I bought this chair after two of my friends did. AMAZING is the only word to describe this chair" - Joy81

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Review

So let's dive into our Expert Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Review. Select one of the sixteen automatic programs once you power up the massage chair. The chair will slightly recline, and the body scan will start. The body scan will measure your body to make sure the massage rollers hit the right spots based you your body size and height. The ottoman will extend outward and then start to retract. Once the ottoman reaches the best length for you, just press out with your feet slightly to stop it.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Review

I personally like the powered ottomans because it does not put pressure on your quads or lower back like massage chairs with spring-loaded ottomans. However, if you tend to fall asleep in a massage like me, the spring-loaded ottomans can be frustrating.

Once my body was scanned, the massage started right up. The massage is powered by a quad-style massage roller that runs on a 49" L-Track. The L-Track reached from my neck to the end of my glutes. The massage starts off light, but you have 6 intensity settings to choose from, and the highest setting does a pretty good deep tissue massage. Everyone is different, but one of the benefits of having a 3D massage chair as you can easily fine-tune how deep or light the massage is to your needs. I was impressed with the overall quality of the massage. Is there a better 3D massage chair? Yes, but you will be paying a lot more, and at this price point, the Admiral is one of the best.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Reviews

The compression massage was nice and not overpowering. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arms and hands, waist, calves, and feet. Inside the armrests, little textured knobs under the material feel really lovely and add to the massage experience. As the arm airbags inflate, they grab your arm better to help keep your arms inside the armrests. The air compression massage was light, and you have up to 5 levels to adjust. One thing to note is the air compressor is relatively quiet, unlike cheaper massage chairs you can find on Amazon.

There are 16 automatic programs, and for my Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Review, I used every single one. I found that the Text Neck program offered a great neck massage, and the stretch program was my daily go-to. The Mid Nap is gentle, and I did find myself napping. You definitely will not sleep in the Stretch or Thai programs. I use many massage chairs and generally stick with a few programs, but with the Admiral, I used most of them, alternating for what I needed that day. The programs are very well balanced.

6 local programs focus on specific areas, which I use the shoulder & neck after a stressful day. These are not full-body programs, and they just focus on that localized area where you may need some extra care or even a spot massage to work out a knot.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Zero Gravity

You can independently adjust the recline position or the ottoman or even escape away into the Zero Gravity recline at the touch of a button on the remote. Zero Gravity is a must-have feature on any massage chair. The massage chair will recline while bringing your legs up to about heart level. This helps reduce compression along your spine and gives you a much better massage. But, of course, you won't see that ever from a masseuse.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Features

There are some extra features to add to the bells and whistles of the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral massage chair. The Bluetooth-enabled speakers allow you to wirelessly connect your device to play music, a podcast, relaxing sounds, or even mediation. I personally find it tough to mediate during a massage. There are some cool LED lights you can turn and off too. Finally, the lumbar heat is always a nice touch to help warm up your core and relax you better for your massage. The USB port allows you to charge your phone while you relax.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral II Remote Control

The remote is handheld with an LCD screen. The arrows allow you to navigate the various menus to quickly get to the functions you need. I found it very easy to use, but I recommend that you read the manual so you see everything that Pro Admiral can do. There are also language options such as English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

For the conclusion of my Osaki OS-Pro Admiral review, I found the chair to be very well-rounded and one of the best 3D massage chairs at this price point. You will not be disappointed by the massage at all. If you have more questions about my Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Review, make sure to contact one of our Massage Chair Experts for more help. Check out the latest prices.

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