Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair - Expert Video Review
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Titan Pro Jupiter XL - Expert Video Review


Titan Pro Jupiter XL Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassagechair.com, and this is the Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair. It is a larger massage chair that will accommodate those who are taller, starting at about 5'2" and moving on up to about 6'6". So it's a great chair for really all sizes. We love this chair. I just sat in it, and they had to pry me out to get the video shot. It's a really great massage. So starting with the build quality, this chair is really well built. It's very durable and will accommodate even the largest of users.

Air Compression Massage

The air compression system is really thorough. We love the air compression. It gives a nice head squeeze here at the top. So providing a massage for the temples at the sides of the head if you have a headache feels great. Shoulder air compression, which will hold you back in order to provide a great stretching massage, as well as keep you in place for great neck and shoulder massage.

You have the hand and arm air compression. These are really nice because they're a nice deep air compression Chamber. So you get your arm thoroughly massaged without it being pushed out of the Chamber. You can see it's also nice and long, so even those with longer arms will really be well accommodated.

Here, you have low back air compression as well as these nice wrapping, hip air compression. Both of these are going to help in the stretching as well, which you'll feel in the really nice stretch program on this chair, really well focused for the glutes and the low back. Then you have the air compression down in the foot in the calf region as well. So a really great full-body air compression on this chair.

3D L-Track Massage

As you can see, this chair has an exposed roller track. This is to give you a very firm massage. It's not too deep, but it is a really nice roller placed directly against the muscle tissue. So you do feel the muscle tissue being manipulated, which feels fantastic. I prefer to move the headset back in order to do a really good neck and shoulder massage. This headpad is great though when you want to use it, for, say, if you have a headache.

And then, of course, this is a 3D chair with an L-Track. So those rollers do come forward in the massage programming. You'll feel them adjust automatically in any style of massage. You have the kneading, tapping, rolling, clapping, and shiatsu style massage. There are also variations of that where it's combined kneading and clapping, rolling and tapping kind of combos as well. The rollers go really far down, all the way under the glutes and then maybe into the upper thigh region. I would say that this is one of the very best lower body massage chairs.

So the low back, the sacroiliac joint, it's really focused and presses down and back and down and back are kind of a rocking style right here at the low back. It feels fantastic. The glute massage is really focused. They did such a great job making sure those rollers were targeting the muscle tissue in just the right places. So very good low back massage.

Of course, neck and shoulder is very well done as well. But in this chair, it really stands out. So if you have any issues with your lower back, your glutes, or your lower body, that's going to be a really fantastic feature for you.

Foot Massage

Moving on down to the foot massage, this chair features a really fantastic foot massage. It's a dual-action foot roller, so you have the rollers for the front of the foot, as well as the scraping style for the back of the foot.

Now, scraping, I think, sounds kind of harsh, but it's really nice. It's kind of like a node pad that rolls back and forth across the heel of the foot, which feels just fantastic. So I just was playing with that and enjoying the dual-action foot massage on this chair is really nice.

Heat Therapy

Now, something that really stood out to me on this chair was the heat. You have heat in three different locations.

You have the low back here, which kind of goes all the way up. So I would say they say lumbar, but I can feel it all the way up to here. And then you have the glute area, which is heated as well, and then in the calves as well. So three different areas.

You can have all of it heated or one area or all three or combinations of any which way you'd like the heat to be on this chair, or you can turn it off if you're getting too warm.


The chair has about ten programs. I say about because the manufacturer advertises nine, but I counted ten on the program. My favorite was the recovery as well as the stretch. So the recovery program was a great full-body massage, really focusing on that lower area.

Again, fantastic. And then the stretching was so nice. It goes all the way through the whole upper back, down the low back, really focusing on the arch of the spine, and then down into the leg where it is pulled down on the legs. It just felt really great throughout the whole body.

Bluetooth Speakers

Now, this chair also features Bluetooth capability. So if you have your smartphone nearby, you can Bluetooth sync it right up to the built-in speakers. They're really great. You can hear the music very clearly. It sounds fantastic.

And you also have the ability to talk on the phone right through the speakers on the chair, there's a receiver built-in, so if you answer your phone, you can hear it right through the chair. If your phone is synchronized to the chair, you can just talk right there in the chair.

Zero Gravity Recline

This chair also features a zero-gravity recline angle, as well as a manual position, so you can use the remote buttons to adjust your position manually if you'd like.

Manual Massage

You also have the capability of doing a manual massage, which will allow you to choose from various segments of the body. You can position the rollers in the neck and shoulder if you'd like the shoulder and lower back or the lower body, so you have several different areas to choose from as well as manual style massages to select from. Kneading, clapping, rolling, tapping, and shiatsu.

So if you have any questions about one of our best-selling chairs, the Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair, please feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996, or you can send us your questions to support@emassagechair.com or chat with the phone line anytime.

We are always here to help. Thanks so much for watching.

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