Leather Massage Chairs

Leather Massage Chairs

We realize that this post is out dated. Most massage chairs are a synthetic leather that is more durable than leather. We will update this soon.

A genuine leather massage chair is hard to come by. Most massage chairs are made with a synthetic material that is very soft and durable, and in many cases as soft as real leather. For those true leather furniture aficionados who prefer the real leather experience to a synthetic material, here are three massage chairs that are made of genuine leather. Keep in mind most massage chairs use synthetic materials and fabric because there are a lot of moving parts. Cozzia, Infinity, and Sanyo have take a lot of time in perfecting their Leather massage chairs and here are the details of each model.

Cozzia 366L Massage Chair


The Cozzia 366L comes in both a synthetic material version and an upgraded leather version. Many customers have mentioned the leather upgrade as being a huge benefit to the comfortable even though it is slightly more expensive (+$250). The cushions of the chair are made of leather and the rest of the chair (sides and back) are not. This is one of Cozzia best selling chairs, mainly because of the smoothness and strength of the massage roller. The customizable massage intensities, the aesthetic appeal, the multiple airbags in both the seat and feet, and the easy to use remote. It also has airbag massage for the arm, even though they are fixed in place you can manually move parts of your arm to receive therapy on your forearms and hands. This is one of the best leather massage chairs currently on the market.

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

Infinity IT-9800 Massage Chair

The Infinity It-9800 Massage Chair is a rare massage chair in that it is one of the few chairs that offers a deep tissue massage and is also great for a lounger. You can definitely sit in all massage chairs when not being used for massage, but the It-9800 offers the best ease of sitting when not in use. It is made with Genuine Leather and has a very soft and supple feel. The IT-9800 also has 8 different reclining functions. These include Inversion, Zero Gravity, Back Recliner, Lumbar Stretch, Rocking, V-Stretch, Bed Position, and Leg Recliner. This chair is completely composed of massage rollers in both the Back and the Calves. The It-9800 also comes in several colors including Black, Brown, Ivory, Burgundy, Taupe, and Butter* (*while supplies last).

Sanyo HEC-RX1 Massage Chair

Sanyo HEC-RX1 Massage Chair

The Sanyo HEC-RX1 Massage Chair Relaxation Chair offers great comfort with a minimalist hybrid design. This chair is made with a premium leather covering and has Zero Gravity Recline. This chair also has 8 Airbags that have been strategically placed to focus on key points. This chair has a minimalist look and has a small control panel attached to the arm of the chair. The headrest of the chair is very easy to adjust and move while in different positions in the chair. The Sanyo HEC-RX1 comes in Black, Brown, and Creme.

Most massage chairs are made with Synthetic Material that is very soft to the touch. But for those looking for a genuine leather experience check out the Infinity It-9800, Cozzia 366, and the Sanyo HEC-RX1. If any shoppers have any questions about these leather massage chairs, or any of our other massage chairs go ahead and reach out. We can answer your questions at 888.360.9996, or by emailing support@emassagechair.com.

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