Infinity IT-8500 FAQ's

Infinity IT-8500 Plus FAQ's

We had many great questions come our way about the Infinity IT-8500 Plus massage chair. We have compiled them all into one place for everyone to read. When researching massage chairs, many important factors can be left out or hard to find. We try hard to gather all of this information on our website, but some customers have special needs or exact questions that need to be answered. Questions like if the chair ottoman touches the floor? and if the chairs are comfortable to just sit in? We always give our honest opinion, so here is a quick Infinity IT-8500 FAQ for easy reference.

Does the Infinity IT-8500 Plus Ottoman touch the ground when the Massage Chair is in an upright position?

A: The Infinity IT-8500 Ottoman does touch the ground when upright.

Do the massage rollers on the Infinity IT-8500 Plus reach the back of the neck and massage thoroughly?

A: The massage rollers do reach the back of your neck and provide a great deep tissue massage. The airbags located in the pillow also help to provide a compression massage further enhancing the massage.

What is the width of the seat on the Infinity IT-8500 Plus Massage Chair?

A: The seat width on the IT-8500 is 19 inches.

Is the Infinity IT-8500 comfortable to sit in when not using the massage?

A: The Infinity IT-8500 massage chair is very comfortable to lounge in, but it is a massage chair and not a lounge chair. It will feel a little bulkier.

How many airbags does the Infinity IT-8500 Plus have?

A: The IT-8500 has a total of 38 airbags to help provide a full body massage. They are located in the neck pillow, hips, arms, shoulders, seat area, calves, and feet.

Does the Infinity IT-8500 have a 3D massage roller?

A: No, it has a quad style 2D system.

What is the roller stroke on the IT-8500 Plus Massage Chair?

A: The roller stroke is 30.75 inches.

Can the pillow on the IT-8500 Plus be removed by zipper? Can the pillow and the back pad be flipped behind the chair for deeper massage?

A: The pillow cannot be unzipped on the IT-8500. It can however be flipped back so that someone can be more exposed to the rollers and get a deeper massage.

Are there strength and intensity settings on the Infinity IT-8500 Plus?

A: The intensity of the rollers depends on what massage setting you choose. Different programs have different intensities. When you go into a reclined position the massage rollers become more intense as the body is pushed against and more exposed to the massaging mechanisms.

Does the Infinity IT-8500 Plus have a good butt massage?

A: The IT-8500 is able to give a deep tissue massage to the butt due to the airbags located below the seat.

Does the Infinity IT-8500 Plus have spot massage where you are able to stop the massage in an area of the body?

A: Yes, the Infinity IT-8500 Plus has the ability to give spot massage.

That concludes our Infinity IT-8500 Plus FAQ for now. If you would like to learn more, please call us at 888.360.9996 or email

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