Brookstone BK-550 Massage Chair - New Product

New Product Release - Brookstone BK-550 Massage Chairs

Here is what we know about the new Brookstone BK-550 Massage Chair that is coming soon. It looks to have a sleek and modern design and is available in either Grey or Black, but we do not have a price yet. Based on the current Brookstone Massage Chair lineup, I guess the price will be between $4999 and $5499.

Brookstone BK-550 Massage Chair Colors


Brookstone BK-550 Massage Roller

The Brookstone BK-550 has a quad-style massage roller with an L-Track that should massage from the neck to the glutes. First, the body scan should measure your height and shoulder blades to place the roller in the perfect position. The massage mechanism is 3D massage chair with Vario motion that adjusts the depth for light to deep massage. In addition, the Vario motion allows the roller to rotate the top and bottom for a unique massage experience.

Brookstone BK-550 Zero Gravity

The Brookstone BK-550 massage chair allows you to recline into the zero gravity position. Designed by NASA, the zero gravity position enables you to adjust to the perfect spot to help decompress your spine to help relieve back pain.

Brookstone BK-550 Compression Massage

Airbags apply a compression massage to the shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet with adjustable intensity. The ottoman of the Brookstone BK-550 is automated and extendable. The ottoman extends out and then retracts. It has a foot stop to all you to stop it at the perfect position as it comes back. The calves have airbags to apply a compression massage while your feet get a massage from the reflexology foot rollers.

Brookstone BK-550 Programs

Twelve automated programs are powered by Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, Rolling, and Dual Action massage techniques. In addition, heat therapy in the lumbar is excellent to loosen up sore muscles.

Brookstone BK-550 Big and Tall

Interestingly, the Brookstone BK-550 massage chair's seat width is 21.3 inches. Most massage chairs are 19 inches wide, which means the BK-550 should work for Big and Tall Users and has a weight capacity of 320lbs.

Brookstone BK-550 More Features

Other features include space-saving technology with a 4-inch distance to the wall, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lighting with seven different colors. The remote control is handheld with an LCD screen. Based on the images, I am guessing there is a menu system to scroll through to access all the features and programs.

Brookstone BK-550 Massage Chair Features


We do not have an ETA yet on when the Brookstone BK-550 massage chair will be available, but I am sure we will be getting on in to do a proper review. Because the BK-550 is a Brookstone Massage Chair, we guess it will be a solid massage chair with great features and reliability.

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