Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair

Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair

Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair

Most massage chairs are designed and engineered for the Asian markets which means that many chairs are made for a smaller body frame. The Osaki TW-Chiro massage chair is one of the first massage chairs tailored to the US markets where there are a wider variety of body types making the TW-Chiro more versatile. The TW-Chiro comes equipped with a 3D massage roller, Real 3D body scanning, reinforced motors, a lie-flat position, 16 automatic programs, and much more.

Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair Special Features

XL Design To Fit All Sizes

The Osaki TW-Chiro massage chair is designed to fit a larger variety of body types. From small and petite to tall and hefty, the TW-Chiro will work for all. The recommended range is from 4ft-9in all the way to 6ft-6in with a weight capacity all the way up to 300lbs.

Advanced 3D Massage

The Osaki TW-Chiro massage chair comes equipped with the latest 3D roller technology. The massage roller is capable of extending out from the backrest up to 2 inches which will deliver a deep and penetrating massage. The deeper massage will loosen layers of muscles and relieve tension.

Real Body Scanning

The Osaki TW-Chiro massage chair utilizes a highly advanced 3D computer body scan technology. The massage chair can map out your body with accuracy for a precise massage customized to you. The optical sensors and state of the art computing technologies allow the massage mechanism to automatically read the curves of your back, detecting its length, shape, and depth.

Reinforced Massage Motors

The massage motors that drive the mechanism is fortified with a greater weight-bearing capacity to accommodate a wider variety of body types up to 300lbs.

Full Automatic Recline

The backrest can recline in sync with the leg ottoman or independently. When the chair is fully reclined, the backrest will achieve a 180 degrees angle, placing the user in a flat bed position.

Osaki TW-Chiro Massage Chair Features

S-Track Design

The Osaki TW-Chiro is ergonomically designed to contour a variety of spine shapes. The Spine curvature is unique from person to person. The S-track system allows the roller heads to massage along the back from the neck down to the lower spine with consistent pressure in the massage along with comfortable support.

Air Shoulder Massage

The airbags behind the shoulder will inflate pushing the shoulders forward, stretching out the shoulder blades.

Waist Compression

Airbags along the waist will inflate, squeezing and stretching the muscles. When inflated it also grabs the waist allowing for a deeper massage with the rollers.

Arm Air Massage

Airbags are located along the arm will inflate and squeeze your arms which helps with blood circulation and reduce tension.

Foot & Calf Air Massage

The airbags in the calves and feet extend so that when inflated, they wrap around, providing fuller coverage and relief.

Buttocks Air Massage

Airbags located in the seat of the Osaki TW-Chiro massage chair gently compress your glutes to help relieve soreness.

16 Automatic Programs

Select from 16 unique massage programs, each unique and adjustable. If you desire to incorporate a tapping massage, simply press the pulse button on the remote. There are 3D Kneading, 3D Tapping, 3D Wavelet, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Deep, Relax, Air, Gentle, Shiatsu, Rhythmic Tapping Massage, Stretch Knead, Stretch Tapping, Stretch Wavelet Massage, Leg Stretch, and Whole Body Stretch.

Stretch Programs

The Osaki TW-Chiro comes with some incredible stretching. The airbags in the footrest will inflate holding your legs into place while the chair will recline and move back to stretch your back and glutes. There are Stretch Knead, Stretch Tapping, Stretch Wavelet, Leg Stretch, and Whole Body Stretch.

Footrest Extension

The footrest can extend outward to accommodate taller people.


You can adjust the width of the rollers manually with three width settings. You are also able to adjust the intensity of the airbag compression massage with five levels of intensity. With the 3D roller being able to move in and out, you can adjust through seven levels of strength on your back massage.

Easy to use Remote

The remote control is very simple to operate. The LCD will show you what the chair is currently doing in the massage cycle while everything is available easily at the touch of a button.

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