Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair - Expert Video Review
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Daiwa Supreme Hybrid - Expert Video Review


Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassagechair.com. And today, we're introducing to you the new Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair. Now, this chair has a lot of new technology that makes the massage exceptional.

Hybrid Track

The first thing we'd like to touch on is the brand new hybrid flex flexible roller track. This track allows the chair to act like an L-Track as well as an S-track chair.

So in most L-Track chairs, the L shape is a fixed position. In this chair. It can recline and go upright to provide both L-Track and S-Track style massage. This is especially effective during the stretching program, so it can lie you flat and elongate the spine as well as pull down on the legs and the ankles and the feet, which feels excellent.

Six Roller System

Now, this chair also features a full-body reach multi-stroke six roller system. Now that's a mouthful, and it just means that there are two separate sets of rollers. The first set is in the upper part of the track. These two rollers will massage the neck, shoulders, and upper back. And then, on the bottom half down below, there are four rollers. They act like a thumb and forefinger on both sides of the track here, and they'll massage the glutes, the upper thigh, and the low back. So in conjunction, these rollers are working together, which feels like two humans massaging you, which is excellent, feels great.

These upper two are 3D/4D rollers, which means that they move both fluidly and have the ability to move forward and back to provide more or less pressure based on the intensity that you personally enjoy. So that is an excellent new function of this chair that we've never seen before. It's really unique, and it feels amazing to have the full-back covered as well as under the seat at the same time.

Compression Massage

Now, this chair features full-body air compression, so there's really no part of your body that isn't being massaged. You have shoulder airbags, hand, and arm, as well as hip airbags and low back. You have airbags for the legs and the feet as well. So the air compression is great for circulation, and it's throughout the entire chair.

Calf and Foot Massage

The Ottoman on this chair is unique. It has air compression that can be moved up or down, and it's got a longer section so that it can massage the knees as well as the calf. And it's heated, so it feels excellent and, of course, helps with flexibility of the joints with the heat.

The bottoms of your feet are massaged with a unique three-spinning track system. So the entire bottom of your foot is being massaged with reflexology rollers. It feels excellent. This chair also can be reclined into a zero gravity position.

Zero Gravity Recline

There are 2 gravity positions on this chair. The first one is just a nice weightless feeling. The second one elevates the knees even further above the heart in order to give you a truly weightless position. This chair also has heat in the lumbar, so in the lower back, you'll also experience that heat which just gives a really nice and relaxing feeling but also makes the muscles more pliable and the massage even more beneficial.

Unique Features

This chair also has some unique features, like having a charger here for your smartphone in the sidearm. You also have a USB on the other side. So if you wanted to charge your phone over here, you could do so. If you don't have wireless capability, you have this one-touch button here on the left, which makes it really easy to adjust your massage. You can move the chair into different positions. Scroll through your massage program.

You can pause your massage if you need to jump out of the chair, and then, of course, if you'd like to, you can turn it to the right for deeper intensity or to the left for lighter intensity to adjust those rollers. This chair also features a touchscreen tablet remote. Now, this tablet remote is super easy to use. You can access all of your programs just right there on the screen, which is super nice and convenient to have.


And overall, this massage chair is just really well built. If you look at the different features or the different materials on the chair, it's really nice and then it's the supple synthetic leather material that's very smooth to the touch. Diamond stitching makes it look really beautiful. You have two pads here on the back. You have a head pad as well as like an upper back pad that you can slip behind.

If you'd like deeper intensity, you have one more pad as well that you're able to kind of flip back. If you'd like to have the rollers right up against your back for a deeper massage experience. And then, if you like a lighter massage, they did include an extra pad that you can just place right over the rollers. This is helpful if you don't particularly like a deep glute massage. You also have the footpads in the bottoms of the foot area that allows for you to lessen the intensity of the furthest are a bit too firm for you.

Bluetooth Speakers

This chair also features Bluetooth for your music, so if you'd like to listen to music while you relax in your massage chair, the speakers are located here by the head, and they pair up with any smart device.

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Video Review - Conclusion

Now, if you have any questions about this brand new Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair, Feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996. You can chat with us online at www.Emassagechair.com, or if you'd like to, you can send us an email at support@emassagechair.com, and we would be glad to help. Thanks for watching.

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