Titan Pro Vigor 4D - Expert Video Review
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Titan Pro Vigor 4D - Expert Video Review


Titan Pro Vigor 4D Video Review (Transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassage.com, and today we are going to show you a new release by Titan Chair. This is the all new Titan Pro Vigor 4D massage chair. It's a four D L-Track massage chair, SL track massage chair, and this chair features 4D technology. Full body air compression, excellent foot and calf massage.


So we've got the black color here. We think the styling is beautiful. They did an excellent job with coming out with a really sweet and sophisticated looking chair. They also updated the way that the Touchscreen is held in this nice stand, so it can really move around in any direction you need it. This chair has a really beautiful diamond stitch pattern, which looks very beautiful.

4D Rollers

And the chair's 4D massage rollers are perfectly placed on your body using the excellent body scan technology in this chair. So when you're getting into the chair, you're going to want to move the head pad out of the way so that the rollers and the body scan locate your neck and shoulder properly. The rollers will be placed right on the shoulders and the neck and shoulder massage is absolutely amazing, because it is focused right in the neck and shoulder and it contours just to your specific neck and shoulder and spinal shape. You get excellent coverage with really good pressure. Now this chair will have massage from the neck and shoulders all the way down the back and under the seat for your glutes.

This chair will also provide excellent pressure with the 4D capability. You have levels one through eight, one being like a mild or medium massage, with eight being the really deepest intensity you can get. It actually moves about three and a half inches, 3.9 inches out from the chair. You can imagine that that feels really great if you want a deep tissue massage style, but then of course retracted all the way back for a mild or medium intensity. It's really great for anyone.

Air Compression Massage

So you can see that this chair will have full body air coverage. It will start here at the shoulders with the accordion style air compression. You have lumbar air compression as well, which feels great. It provides a gentle squeeze or rocking rotation for the lower back. That's excellent to give you some mobility in the lower spine.

You have hip airbags here as well as hand and arm, so this will inflate as well as the hip airbags. The hip airbags are excellent for the squeeze at the side. There's acupressure points there, so it's great at relieving some low back tension with those. Down into the Ottoman, you have the foot and calf air compression. The air compression for the calves is excellent. It actually rotates to provide a kneading style calf massage, which feels excellent.

Calf and Foot Massage

You have foot rollers on the bottom of the seat. They're acupressure style foot rollers, so they really target in on specific bottom position on the bottom of your feet, which feels excellent. Covering from the toes all the way back to the heel. It's a really comfortable massage. Your feet are enclosed in this model as well, so providing a really nice squeeze with the airbags as well as the rolling on the bottom of the feet is a really great, comfortable combination. For an excellent foot massage.

Automatic and Manual Programs

The chair features 16 different massage programs. You have eight programs that are auto programs for the full body, and then you have your manual programs for auto programs for upper back and shoulders and then the lower back as well. So there's four for the upper and four for the lower. Then you have your full body program.

Now you can do a manual massage with this chair as well and select any specific region that you would like with the rolling, shiatsu, clapping, tapping, and Swedish styles of massage. So you really can get a very specific massage going as well if you want to do something in a specific area of your body.

Quick Controls and Touchscreen Remote

This chair also features on the side here the one touch or quick touch access panel, which gives you options to add or change your massage position. You can scroll through your auto programs. It just makes it really easy to find what you're looking for without going into the remote. On the remote, though you do have access to all 16 programs. Manually adjusting everything, all touch screen makes everything so easy to find.

Zero Gravity Recline

You'll also see on the remote that you have the zero gravity function. There's two stage zero gravity on this chair. So you'll rotate back to the kind of an upright zero gravity and then even further back for an deep zero gravity position for a really comfortable for a massage

Wireless Charging and Bluetooth

And on this arm, you have your wireless charging station. So you can put your phone here and it will charge your phone while you relax. This here features the Bluetooth Speaker so you can connect any Bluetooth device and your music will play right through the speakers here. Really excellent sound and adds to the level of relaxation in this chair.

Space Saving Recline

The chair also features space saving design. That means it will rotate away from the wall as you recline in the chair. So you can go into full recline with only about four and a half inches to five inches of space behind the chair. Excellent for a smaller space so you don't have to move the chair into the middle of your room.

Titan Pro Vigor 4D Review Conclusion

So overall, the Titan Vigor is one of our very favorite chairs that we're really excited about it. The massage is excellent and if you have any questions about it, feel free to give us a call at 888-360-9996. You can chat with us online or you can email us your questions to support@emassagechai.com and we'd be glad to help there too. Thanks so much much for watching.

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