Osaki OS Pro-3D Sigma - Expert Video Review
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Osaki OS Pro-3D Sigma - Expert Video Review


Osaki OS Pro-3D Sigma Video Review (transcript)

Hi, I'm Heather with Emassage.com, and today we're here to show you the Osaki Pro 3D Sigma Massage Chair. This is a new model by Osaki, and we love it. It has great styling. It's beautiful in color.


This is the Brown that we have here today. It has a really nice stitch pattern on it. It just looks awesome. The chair is a 3D massage chair with an SL track in it. That means it will massage from the head, neck, and shoulders down under the seat for your glutes as well. This chair has 3D, which means you can move the rollers forward and back based on your pressure and intensity levels that you enjoy. So you are able to manually adjust that at any point in the massage to get yourself the right amount of pressure.

Compression Massage

Now, this chair features full-body air compression, so anywhere that's not being reached by those rollers is going to be massaged by the Airbags system. In this chair, there are shoulder airbags. You have hand and arm airbags as well as hip airbags.

Down in the Ottoman. You have foot and calf air compression as well. Now the rollers on the feet for this chair are really great. It's acupressure acupuncture style foot rollers that knead from the toe back to the heel, and everything in between feels amazing. This chair has easy-to-use one-touch controls on the arm.

Bluetooth and USB

You also have a USB connector here so you can charge your phone or your tablet, whatever you like, while you're in the chair. This chair features Bluetooth for your music, so you can use your phone or any other Bluetooth device that you have in your home. Connect right up to the chair so you can enjoy your music and relax.

Remote Control

We love this chair for its ease of use. It has a really nice remote. It's a handheld style. It's all touch screen, so you touch right on the screen in order to adjust your massage program.


This chair has 15 massage programs. They're all excellent. I mean, I could list them off, but they're fantastic.

My favorite one this year would be the Thai program, the stretching, and you have a recovery program as well. So if you're an active person, the recovery program is the one for you. Thai stretching is also excellent. It emulates the Thai style of massage which is incorporating stretching with massage functionality. So this one will be pulling the shoulders back and massaging down the spine, giving a great final stretch, lengthening of the legs, and getting the whole body realigned. It feels amazing.

So easily adjusting your massage with the easy handheld remote power buttons here on the top, and it's just super easy to use chair.

Zero Gravity Recline

You have zero gravity function on this chair. You just press the button, and you go right back into zero gravity. Zero gravity is the weightless position, so you'll feel light as a feather in the chair. It takes all the weight off of your spine so that you can relax and enjoy your massage.

Space Saving

You also have space-saving on this chair. Space-saving will rotate the chair away from the wall so that you don't have to move it into the middle of the room. It's very convenient. You only need about two to four inches behind this chair to recline fully.

Automatic Ottoman

You also have an automatic ottoman on this chair. The automatic Ottoman is really nice because it allows the user to extend or shorten the Ottoman for the perfect length of your leg. It will automatically do a scan in order to locate your perfect leg length for this chair. It's a very nice massage function.

Body Scan

Now, something that I just mentioned before is it will perform a body scan at the beginning of the massage in order to properly locate your neck and shoulders.

3D Massage

This chair is going to be excellent for a neck and shoulder massage because the 3D functionality really positions the rollers properly to get you a great neck and shoulder massage. Those 3D rollers are also utilized to provide a very even pressure along your spine, so it's a really great full body massage here.

Osaki OS Pro-3D Sigma Video Review

We love it here at emassagechair.com. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach us at 888.360.9996 or feel free to chat with us online, or if you want to email us your questions, you can do that at support@emassagechair.com. Thanks so much for watching.

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