Top 5 Reasons to buy the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral

Top 5 Reasons to buy the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral

Looking for a 3D massage chair? It can become overwhelming to see all the brands, models, and features there are to choose from. We’re here to help by telling you why we’d choose the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral 3D massage chair. Here are the top Top 5 Reasons to Buy the OS-Pro Admiral.

3D SL-Track Massage

We always look at the roller technology first as this is the biggest differentiator in the feel of your massage. The Admiral features 3D rollers making the massage intensity adjustable with the touch of a button. There are 5 levels of 3D adjustment allowing you to move the rollers forward and back easily giving you deeper or lighter massage instantly. The chair has a small motor located in an encasing positioned on the track and this motor pushes the rollers forward or retracts them about 3.5 inches. The Admiral has an SL track for the rollers to follow making the massage coverage excellent. The 3D rollers travel from the neck all the way down under the seat for the glutes.  

Body Scan

The Osaki OS-Pro Admiral has one of the best body scans we’ve seen in a 3D chair. This chair will scan the full back using pressure sensors. It presses out to feel the curvature of the spine in order to map out the perfect roller position for each user. The chair also locates the shoulders to give an accurate neck and shoulder massage. The chair also scans the leg length for proper footrest length. You’re getting as custom as you can get with the Admiral’s body scan technology.  

16 Massage Programs

Most massage chairs have 5 or 6 massage programs to choose from making the 16 available preprogrammed massages on the Admiral worth a mention! The programs are all awesome…check out what you can choose from: Office Pro, Traveler, Text-Neck, Lady, AM routine, Midday nap, Re-energize, Shape n tone, Men's fitness, Elderly health, Relax, Rejuvenate, Gentle relief, Stretch, Recover and Thai! Personally the Thai is unbeatable for me. Thai massage emulates the traditional practice of stretching and pressing involved in Thai massage and makes you feel taller and realigned! Office Pro is another favorite and works wonders for those of us the are in front of a computer for hours at a time. It pulls the shoulders back and down while the rollers stretch and soothe the back muscles.  

Zero Gravity with Space Saving Technology

If you’ve seen Zero Gravity available on massage chairs or chairs dedicated to just the Zero Gravity position, you know that there must be something to it. Zero Gravity is the neutral spine position that allows you to relax completely. There isn’t a better position to be in for a massage. The Admiral features 2 stage Zero Gravity, letting you choose a more upright or completely lying back ZG position. Making the Admiral a great choice for those with limited space, as the chair goes into Zero Gravity recline, the chair is also rotating away from the wall to use as little room as possible. This means that you can place the chair about 4-5 inches from the wall.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Zero Gravity Recline

Foot Massage with Automatic Ottoman

Foot Rollers! Yes, the Admiral has them and they are great! Some foot rollers are too intense, and some are so light that they almost tickle. The Admiral has the perfect pressure for the rollers to soothe the feet while the air compression gently squeezes to increase circulation. Also worth noting is the ottoman on the Admiral is automatic so that taller and shorter users can enjoy the chair and have the feet and legs at the correct comfy position.  



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