Elite Betasonic Massage Chair

Elite Betasonic Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 12, 2021

The Elite Betasonic massage chair is no longer available. Please check out All Massage Chairs, or check out or updated Best Massage Chairs. If you need help finding a new Massage Chair, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts.

Elite Betasonic Massage Chair

Outfitted with many of the features of top-of-the-line massage chairs, and an unbeatable price make the Elite Betasonic Massage Chair a superb value. The L-track has a 38in massage stroke, Zero-Gravity, Zero-Space (can be placed 2in from wall), full-body Acupressure, arm & hand massage in unique vertical and retractable compression cuffs, integrated heat, and exclusive Braintronics technology.

Features of the Elite Betasonic

Braintronics Technology

Braintronics is activated with the remote control, and programs are streamed through headphones that plug into a hard drive integrated with the chair. While music is not required for brainwave synchronization, the programs are engineered with relaxing nature sounds, spa-style music, and gentle voice-overs for elegant experiences and optimal relaxation.

The concept of brainwave synchronization is called entrainment, in which the electromagnetic impulses of the brain align with rhythmic and sensory stimulation. The brain responds to wavelength stimulus with the so-called frequency following response, in which the brain subconsciously aligns its prevailing frequency to the frequency supplied by the outside source.

There are four brain wavelengths – Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta – each corresponding to a state of consciousness. The best known are Alpha waves, which emerge during conscious relaxation, or when you are deeply calm without sleeping, and Theta waves, which emerge during lighter sleep stages or meditation. These states of brainwave activity are deeply relaxed, and ideal for knowledge absorption and intensive learning.

Optional Noise Cancelling Headphones

Take full advantage of the full Braintronic experience with premium noise cancelling headphones for only $99.

L-Track Technology

The Elite Betasonic massage chair comes equipped with L-Track technology. The 38in track is able to reach from the base of your neck, then under your buttocks, and under your hamstrings for an amazing glute massage.

Quad Rollers

The 2D massage rollers have 4 heads that simulate the hands of a massage therapist, with kneading, tapping and rolling functions. The Quad Roller system provides greater coverage of your back and a much more lifelike massage which creates a truly lifelike massage of the shoulders to relieve tension and stress.

Space Saving Technology

The Elite Betasonic incorporates Space Saving technology that will allow the massage chair to slide forward while reclining. This allows you to position the massage chair near a wall without hitting the wall while reclining.

Reflexology Foot Massagers

The foot rollers located on the bottom of the Elite Betasonic massage chair off a reflexology massage to take away your tension and stress. The roller rotates offering a scraping style massage along the heel and arch.

Zero Gravity Recline

At the touch of a button, the Elite Betasonic massage chair reclines while the ottoman raises to about your heart level. While in this position, your spine decompresses and the chair can give you a better and deeper massage. Choose from 2 Zero Gravity positions.

Air Compression Massage

22 Airbags are expertly placed in the arms, shoulders, and ottoman for a full body massage experience. The airbags inflate and deflate offering a compression massage designed to relieve your stress and tension.

Automatic Programs

There are 6 automatic programs for your therapeutic needs. There are Full Body Massage, Lower Body Massage, Refresh, Relax, Yoga, and Stretch.

Massage Techniques

Designed with emulated massage methods of Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, combo, and rolling, each with their own therapeutic benefits.


You can adjust the speed of the massage rollers through 3 various speeds and the air compression massage is adjustable through 3 intensity levels. The width of the roller can be adjusted from narrow to wide to accommodate any body type.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Located along the lumbar of the Betasonic are carbon infrared heat plates that will warm your lower back. The muscles tissues will relax and loosen allowing for a deeper and better massage experience.

Extendable Ottoman

The ottoman can extend outward up to 5in in length. The extension is done just by manually pushing down with your legs and will accommodate a wide rage of body heights.

Remote Control

The remote control is intuitive and easy to use. The LCD display of the pedestal remote shows you what your Elite Betasonic massage chair is doing during its cycle.