uKnead Bella Massage Chair

uKnead Bella Massage Chair

by Massage Chair Expert on Aug 19, 2022

The uKnead Bella has been discontinued and we no longer carry uKnead. Please check out all of our massage chairs or contact us if you need any help.

uKnead Bella Massage Chair

The uKnead Bella massage chair embodies a whole new class of massage loungers. Developed and designed for consumers who desire the daily relaxation a massage chair offers, but have difficulties incorporating a conventional massage chair into the style and décor of their homes, Bella is the perfect match. The Bella combines both pleasing aesthetics and advanced robotics: a true marriage of design and technology. Made for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

uKnead Bella Features

30” Massage Roller Track

The extended 30” CS-Track allows massage rollers to flow from the back of your head all the way down to upper gluteus muscles, providing more surface area coverage than the conventional massage chair. The massage track also follows the curvature of your spine for a more accurate massage.

Hide-Away Retracting Footrest

The innovative retracting mechanism of the uKnead Bella massage chair allows the footrest to tuck away in a unique way. When an automatic program is selected, the footrest extends out from underneath the seat, inviting the user to place their legs in the concave for an invigorating foot massage. After the massage therapy is complete, the footrest retracts back into the chair, instantly transforming the uKnead Bella into a charming accent sofa.

Shiatsu Foot Rollers

The uKnead Bella massage chair comes equipped with three sets of active rubber rollers that perform vigorous kneading and rolling motion under your feet. After a long day of walking or exercising, your feet definitely deserve a little treat.

No Assembly Required

No screwdrivers, no assembly instructions, no headache. The uKnead Bella comes ready for you to enjoy out of the box. Simply remove it from the box, plug it into a household outlet, and power on for hassle-free massage and relaxation!

Full-Body Air Massage

A total of 46 airbags cradle the entire body with gentle pressure while alternating rhythmically between different focal areas: shoulders, arms, back, seat, legs, and feet. Lean back and allow yourself to fall into a state of euphoric relief.

5 Automatic Programs

The uKnead Bella massage chair offers a full spectrum of massage programs at the touch of a button. Choose from 5 sophisticated full-body automatic programs: Relax, Extend, Zero Gravity, Neck & Shoulder, Back & Waist. Each program is set automatically at 15-20 minutes for a complete massage that will put you in a state of relaxation.

5 Manual Massage Techniques

The uKnead Bella massage chair comes equipped with 5 manual massage techniques that you can enjoy. There are Shiatsu, Knocking, Pummel, Tapping, and Kneading

Variable Recline with Sleep Mode

The uKnead Bella’s reclining angles are fully customizable for multitasking capability. Whether you need an upright accent chair for reading a book, or a moderate reclining angle for watching TV, the choice is yours. The Bella also features a one-touch sleep mode function that lowers the chair to an optimal position for napping in your oh-so-comfortable massage chair.

Heated Seat

At the push of a button, enjoy the soothing heat in the seat and lumbar area. Heat increases the effectiveness of the massage therapy by raising the user’s body temperature and improving circulation.

Waist Twist Motion

Two high-pressure accordion airbags on either side of the hips inflate in alternating sequence to create a side-to-side swaying motion, gently stretching the lumbar and spinal muscles. This helps to loosen muscles and joints for greater flexibility and reduction in pain.

Power Recline and Power Ottoman

At the touch of a button on the Uknead Bella massage chair, you are back to recline to raise the backrest or the ottoman to find the perfect position for your massage.


You are able to adjust the massage roller speed and foot roller speed through 6 settings on the uKnead Bella Massage Chair. There are 6 intensity settings for the airbags to choose the right strength for the full-body massage. There are 6 roller widths to choose from to accommodate people with narrow to wide shoulders.


Multicolor LED accent lights placed on either side of the massage chair add a modern flair and double as soothing mood lights.

Easy to Use Remote

The remote control of the uKnead Bella massage chair is very simple and easy to use. Not only are all of the features at your fingertips, but the display will show you the progress of your massage and what each of the features are doing.