Cozzia 16018 vs Cozzia 16019 Comparison
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Cozzia 16018 vs Cozzia 16019 Comparison

Both of the Cozzia Massage Chairs have been discontinued. Check out their other brands such as Ogawa and Brookstone. Or shop all of our Massage Chairs.

Cozzia 16018 Massage Chair

We completely understand that choosing a massage chair can be very difficult, mainly because there are so many different brands and models to choose from. Good thing is we take pride in being massage chair experts and we know a lot about all our brands. We take a look over the Cozzia brand massage chairs and the differences between the chairs. In this post we will look over the Cozzia 16018 Massage Chair and Cozzia 16019 Massage Chair. Here is our Cozzia 16018 vs Cozzia 16019 Massage Chair Comparison.

Massage Track

The Cozzia 16018 massage chair has an S-track style massage roller which curved like the shape of the spine. This helps the massage roller follow the curve of your spine for a more accurate massage. The Cozzia 16019 massage chair has a standard 2D rolling mechanism which follows a straight track.

Massage Programs

The Cozzia 16018 has 4 programs that include Relax, Therapy, Swedish, and Air. The Cozzia 16019 has 5 programs that include Healthcare, Fully Body, Relax, Therapy, and Demo.

Massage Styles

The Cozzia 16018 has 4 massage styles. These include Kneading, Tapping, Clapping, and Swedish. The Kneading style can also be combined with tapping, clapping, and shiatsu. The Cozzia 16019 has 3 massage styles. These include Kneading, Tapping, and Rolling. The kneading style can also be combined with tapping.

Air Compression Massage

The Cozzia 16018 has 20 airbags, located in the seat, the calves, and the feet. The Cozzia 16019 has 8 airbags which are located in the seat and calves. For those adventurous types you can also place your feet into the calves for an air foot massage.

Backrest and Footrest

The Cozzia 16018 has a backrest and footrest that move at the same time, and you are able to move the foot rest on its own. The Cozzia 16019 also has a synchronized backrest and footrest, but you are not able to move the footrest on its own. You can also flip the footrest 180 degrees so the chair looks more like a living room lounger, which is nice.

Massage Adjustments

The Cozzia 16019 has a strength adjustment with 2 levels along with 2 levels of speed adjustments and 3 different width adjustments. The Cozzia 16018 has 3 different level of strength and the 3 width adjustments. It does not have any speed settings to adjust.

Massage Customization

The Cozzia 16019 has Spot Massage, Partial Massage, Up and Down adjustments for the roller during Spot and Partial massage. It also comes equipped with 3 programs for Partial Massage. The Cozzia 16018 has Spot Massage, Partial Massage, and Up and Down adjustments for the Partial and Spot massage.

Cozzia 16018 vs Cozzia 16019: Similarities

Cozzia 16019 Massage Chair

Both chairs have a 15 minute timer with automatic shutoff. Both chairs are both equipped with vibration in the seat which can add a really nice relaxing feeling to any massage. Both chairs also have Body Scan which allows the massage chair to adjust to your body type and size for a more accurate massage.

As you will notice the differences are very subtle. The Cozzia 16019 is also designed to look more like a piece of furniture with the reversible ottoman which the Cozzia 16018 comes equipped with more and better features. If you would like to learn more about the Cozzia 16018 and Cozzia 16019 or check out all Cozzia massage chairs, great! Give us a call at 888.360.9996 or send an email to If you are in our store and want to talk right away, ping us on online chat.

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